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Quadathon Giveaway: Word Candy Vinyl

**THIS CONTEST HAS CLOSED. CHECK OUT OUR CURRENT GIVEAWAY HERE.**Allie from Word Candy Vinyl is giving away a $40 GIFT CERTIFICATE to her online store for one lucky BBA reader! She has such cute things for nurseries, kids' playrooms and family rooms.Here's how to enter:1. Just go to Word Candy Vinyl and search through her items for your favorite design. Don't miss all the creative options in her idea gallery in the right column too.2. Let us know your favorite in a comment on this post. Just make sure we have your contact info (email or blog address) either in your blogger profile or in the Continue Reading

Quadathon Recap & Thank Yous

I know our quadathon ended two weeks ago and I said I was going to write a special thank you to everyone involved when I was able to catch my breath the following week, but I guess it took me a little longer. Here it is.I mentioned it before, but again want to thank the quad moms -- Suz, Jen, Gen and Mari -- for their time, humor and inspiring words. Here are their blogs:Steece's Pieces: Prayed For One, Blessed With FourThe Murray Crew Quads: 4tunateThe McNulty Quads: Welcome to Quadville The Goerlich Quads: Growing Together Under One SonIf you missed our series, "Q&A with the Quad Moms", Continue Reading

Getting Through the Day with Triplets

On the heels of our very successful Quadathon, newspapers everywhere are taking notice of parents dealing with the challenges of raising multiples. This article focuses on a mother of triplets and how she gets through her days."Every day, I wondered, 'How am I going to do this?' But somehow you make it through because the babies have to be fed and need to be put down and soothed," Jessica Melker, 28, told the Dallas Morning News.[ VIDEO ]Eventually, it got easier when the babies were old enough to sleep through the night and to feed "just" four times a day and all at the same time, with the Continue Reading

Quad Q&A: "Best Thing About Quads"

This is the last of our Q&As with the Quad Moms. Like Mrs. Domino said in her comment on one of the previous Quad Q&A posts, "Just knowing quad mommies survive and have enough time to answer questions online is inspiring!"Click here if you missed the rest of our "Q&A with the Quad Moms" series or just keep scrolling down to catch up on it all.We'll write up a thank you to everyone involved in our Quadathon next week, when I catch my breath, but for now we want to especially thank Suz, Jen, Gen and Mari for their time, humor and inspiring words.12. What's the best thing about having Continue Reading

Quad Q&A: "Best Parenting Advice?"

Here's the second to last question we asked the quad moms. Click here if you missed the rest of our "Q&A with the Quad Moms" series or just keep scrolling down.11. What's your best piece of parenting advice? Serious or funny. It can even be duct tape on diapers, Gen.Suz Steece - hee hee, nice one Gen! we will definitely be using that one of these days! duct tape is my best friend! haLAUGH LAUGH LAUGH! i believe in any situation you can find humor. sometimes when you are at your very lowest and don't think you can go on, 1st pray, then LAUGH. find SOMETHING in the situation to laugh about. Continue Reading

Quad Q&A: "How Many Other Blogs Do You Check?"

Sorry about the delay. Our internet was down last night, which is not fun for a baby blog addict or someone in the middle of a quadathon! Anyway, we're back with part 5 of our Q&A with the Quad Moms. Click here if you want to see the series so far, or just keep scrolling down.9. How many other blogs do you check a day?Suz Steece - gotta LOVE i google subscriptions!--saves me a TON of time! 5 MUST READS (my other quad mamas) and about 10 total (if i have time).Jen Murray - It honestly depends on the day and who updates. I try to check on my quad-mamas daily and there are about 10-15 of them Continue Reading

Quad Giveaway: ShooShoos Times TWO

:: THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED. CHECK OUT OUR NEW GIVEAWAY ABOVE ::TWO PAIRS OF SHOOSHOOS...Yes, two lucky winners will each receive a pair of shooshoos (winners' choice).To enter:1. Just go to ShooShoos and search through their items for your favorite.2. Let us know your favorite in a comment on this post. Just make sure we have your contact info (email or blog address) either in your blogger profile or in the comment itself, so we can contact you. Only one entry per person per giveaway.3. We'll then run the number of comments in a random integer generator and come up with TWO winners then Continue Reading

Winner: Organic Silk Hooded Sweater

Congratulations to Kathryn (comment #11) who won the Organic Silk Hooded Sweater from a b sea. She said, "I love the blanket! I wish it came in my size!!"We have a new giveaway going on now. Check it out here. Continue Reading

Quadathon Giveaway: Lunchbox from Sweet Mady’s Paper

**THIS CONTEST HAS CLOSED. CHECK OUT OUR CURRENT GIVEAWAY HERE.**Just last week we put the BBA spotlight on Sweet Mady's Paper. Since then, mompreneur Michelle has added an adorable octopus design for her lunchboxes. We are lucky to be giving away ONE OCTOPUS LUNCHBOX from Sweet Mady's Paper during today's Quadathon Giveaway. The winner will be able to choose the blue or pink octopus lunchbox.Here's how to enter: 1. Just go to Sweet Mady's Paper and search through her items for your favorite. She offers a lot more than just lunchboxes.2. Let us know what's your favorite item (other than the Continue Reading

Quad Spotlight: Welcome to Quadville The McNulty Quads

We've spotlighted two amazing quad blogs so far, the Murray Crew and the Steece Quads. Now, we'd like to introduce you to the McNulty Quads - Molly, Ally, Libby and Russ.The McNultys were our first blog spotlight back in June 2007, just a couple of weeks after we launched I'm not sure if I told Gen and Conor this when we did a spotlight on their blog the first time, but they were part of the inspiration behind sister sent me a link to their blog after she came across it while blog-hopping back in May 2007. I started at the beginning and read through Continue Reading