Pursuit Of Love


Who Am I:

My name is Andrew and I manage a lot of BBA, from the advertising to new posts, to creating new ideas. We wanted to expand on the old Dad Diary and I thought well why don’t we just have a pre-dad diary! Well it came to be called the Pursuit Of Love. This will be a journey from my dating, to marriage, and hopefully one day the true dad diary! From ex girlfriends, funny stories, current dating, my relationship opinions, there will be a wide range of posts from me. I will be posting once a week and please feel free to comment on anything.


Pursuit Of Love Series:

When Will I Know?


Play By Play of My Date


Is Being Single During Holidays That Bad?


The Most Confusing Text Message I Have Ever Gotten


I Met The Woman Of My Dreams… Or Have I?


What I Should Have Said On My Date

10 things women were surveyed about what girls want guys to brag about


I’ve Cheated

It was time to take a look in the mirror and get better in relationships

Time Is Ticking

How much more time do I have before really getting desperate?


A Worse Investment Than A Car

Really what could be a worse than a car…. Oh there is something!

What Do I Do When A Woman Says…

All the traps women lay out for men!


What Am I Thinking?

Is it bad I keep thinking I found the right girl?!


The One That Got Away

We all have had them but I really wish I made a different choice!


Am I Really That Unattractive

The world of online dating… Did it work?!


The Most Awkward Date Ever

One weird awkward night!


Pursuit Of Love

Introduction to me!