SPOTLIGHT 2: The Gerwer Quads

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Who They Are: Casey and Robbie Gerwer were married in 2003. In August of 2007 they discovered their family was about to get bigger... A LOT bigger! 5 months later (after 29 weeks of pregnancy) Casey delivered two baby boys and two baby girls. Since then she has devoted her sparse spare moments to sharing her experience with the world. Every parent knows that raising a child can be a handful- or in this case FOUR handfuls! However, she and Robbie have learned to juggle (no pun intended) their professional lives with the raising of their quads. Their Website: The Gerwer Quads Designed For Continue Reading

SPOTLIGHT 1: The McNulty Quads


Who They Are: Gen and Conor married in July of 2003. Three years later they were proud parents of quadruplets. Gen now blogs about the challenges, antics, special moments, and, most importantly, the joys of raising  three girls and one boy! She has spent the last five and half years chronicling her and her family's journey- sharing tips, anecdotes, and lots of pictures along the way. How she gets four young children to pose simultaneously for the camera is beyond us!   Their Website: Quadville: The McNulty Quads   Quote: " Don't ever lose your sense of humor" - Advice Continue Reading

Announcing The 2nd Quadathon!!!


We are back and we can't wait to hear from the 4 quad moms! We have a new quad mom we would like to introduce and many might already know, Casey Gerwer.  What we have lined up starting March 28th..... 1. Intro Spotlights for all 4 Quad Blogs 2.  Q&A 3. Great Giveaways throughout   The Four Quad Moms 1. Gen McNulty:         SPOTLIGHT 1 2. Casey Gerwer SPOTLIGHT 2 3. Jennifer Murray SPOTLIGHT 3 4. Suzanne Steece SPOTLIGHT 4   Quadathon Q&A 2011 Question1: The Toughest Year Question 2:   Pieces of Advice Quadathon Giveaway: A Decorative Pillow by Continue Reading

Quadathon Recap & Thank Yous

I know our quadathon ended two weeks ago and I said I was going to write a special thank you to everyone involved when I was able to catch my breath the following week, but I guess it took me a little longer. Here it is.I mentioned it before, but again want to thank the quad moms -- Suz, Jen, Gen and Mari -- for their time, humor and inspiring words. Here are their blogs:Steece's Pieces: Prayed For One, Blessed With FourThe Murray Crew Quads: 4tunateThe McNulty Quads: Welcome to Quadville The Goerlich Quads: Growing Together Under One SonIf you missed our series, "Q&A with the Quad Moms", Continue Reading

Quad Giveaway: Miso Cute Tee (Delicate Tomboy)

**THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED**This is the last giveaway for our Quadathon, but definitely not the last one for BBA. We already have more planned and will continue to host giveaways periodically here on, so keep checking back with us for more. We're giving away a "Miso Cute" tee from Delicate Tomboy. It's a gender neutral yellow and a size 12 month. The tee is high-quality and comes nicely packaged with a cute hangtag and Delicate Tomboy button.I'm sure your little one would turn heads wearing this adorable tee, not that he or she isn't turning heads already! You have to Continue Reading

Quad Q&A: "Best Thing About Quads"

This is the last of our Q&As with the Quad Moms. Like Mrs. Domino said in her comment on one of the previous Quad Q&A posts, "Just knowing quad mommies survive and have enough time to answer questions online is inspiring!"Click here if you missed the rest of our "Q&A with the Quad Moms" series or just keep scrolling down to catch up on it all.We'll write up a thank you to everyone involved in our Quadathon next week, when I catch my breath, but for now we want to especially thank Suz, Jen, Gen and Mari for their time, humor and inspiring words.12. What's the best thing about having Continue Reading

Quad Q&A: "Best Parenting Advice?"

Here's the second to last question we asked the quad moms. Click here if you missed the rest of our "Q&A with the Quad Moms" series or just keep scrolling down.11. What's your best piece of parenting advice? Serious or funny. It can even be duct tape on diapers, Gen.Suz Steece - hee hee, nice one Gen! we will definitely be using that one of these days! duct tape is my best friend! haLAUGH LAUGH LAUGH! i believe in any situation you can find humor. sometimes when you are at your very lowest and don't think you can go on, 1st pray, then LAUGH. find SOMETHING in the situation to laugh about. Continue Reading

Quad Q&A: "How Many Other Blogs Do You Check?"

Sorry about the delay. Our internet was down last night, which is not fun for a baby blog addict or someone in the middle of a quadathon! Anyway, we're back with part 5 of our Q&A with the Quad Moms. Click here if you want to see the series so far, or just keep scrolling down.9. How many other blogs do you check a day?Suz Steece - gotta LOVE i google subscriptions!--saves me a TON of time! 5 MUST READS (my other quad mamas) and about 10 total (if i have time).Jen Murray - It honestly depends on the day and who updates. I try to check on my quad-mamas daily and there are about 10-15 of them Continue Reading

Quad Giveaway: Elliot’s Preemie Tees

::THIS CONTEST IS CLOSED. SEE WINNER ABOVE::Since the quads we are featuring this week were born prematurely, we thought it would be special to give away something from Elliot's Preemie Tees for all preemie babies out there. Check out Elliot's Preemie Tees' Website Spotlight posted a couple of weeks ago here on BBA. Then take a look at their adorable selection.We are giving away one layette & one IV layette from Elliot's Preemie Tees to one lucky baby blog addict reader. The winner will be able to choose the size, fabric and snaps just like any customer.Sizes available are Small (1-2 Continue Reading

Quad Q&A: "Funniest Comment About Quads?"and "Funniest Mommy Brain Moment"

Here's Part 4 of our Q&A with the Quad Moms. Click here if you missed Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 or just keep scrolling down.7. What's the funniest comment you've received about having quads?Suz Steece - oh man...jeeeez...there are lots! umm..."quadruplets? that's three, right?" Jen Murray - We get "Do Quads Run In Your Family?" quite often, and I'm tempted to say, "Why, YES! I'm a quad, my husband is a quad, my great-great grandfather was a quad...we come from a LONG line of quads!"Gen McNulty - Did you do this on purpose? Wow, triplets! Mari Goerlich - "4 babies!? That's what Continue Reading