Quadathon Question 10 & 11: Advice About Marriage

10. We love funny stories, any good ones in the past two years? Casey:  Gerwer Quads Funny now, but not funny then, yes probably. Drawing a blank. At one point my kids realized that our chair upstairs spun around, kind of like the one they love to TRY to play on at the doctor’s office. They decided it would be funny to take turns spinning each other on it and then getting down and not being able to walk. They would laugh so hard they had hiccups. While my first reaction was "wait, let’s not do that, someone is going to puke or bang straight into a wall", my second reaction was "it is Continue Reading

Quadathon Question 8 & 9: More Kids?

GIVEAWAY: $50 Gift Certificate to Designed For Babies! 8.   Have you thought about having more kids? Casey:  Gerwer Quads If by thought you mean someone asked and it took me about .0078 seconds to respond with NOOOOOOOOOOO. Then yes, I have thought about it. After taking that insightful moment, the answer is a very firm No. My husband and I completely agree that we are beyond thrilled with what He has given us. I think its great people that can handle more than 4 kids, I just don't think I'm one of those people. While I do actually mourn the fact that I will never get to have Continue Reading

Quadathon Question 6 & 7:

GIVEAWAY: $50 Gift Certificate to Designed For Babies!   6. If there was one thing you wish you knew at the beginning of blogging, what would it be? Casey:  Gerwer Quads This answer isn't going to be a nice answer, unfortunately. Beware of the haters! Some people out there are mean. And what is worse, they don't like you, your parenting style, your writing style, even your new hair cut (I know, seriously) yet they keep reading your blog and comment negatively on it. I wish I would have known at the beginning that people did this, I may have braced myself better. Continue Reading

Quadathon Question 5: Is Your Blog A Stress Reliever

GIVEAWAY: $50 Gift Certificate to Designed For Babies!   5. Has your blog helped you relieve some of the stress that has come with raising 4 kids? If so how? Casey:  Gerwer Quads Yes but not in the way you would think. I love having a blog, though I will admit, I haven't been very on top of it lately. I love the fact that some days I will look at the calendar and think, what was I going through 2 years ago today and I can see and it makes me smile.  But the part that has helped me relieve stress is that it leads me to my best friends on the planet, fellow quad moms. Continue Reading

Quadathon Question 4: How To Calm The Storm Down

GIVEAWAY: $50 Gift Certificate to Designed For Babies!   4. When it gets to be “crazy” in your house, what is the one thing you do to calm down? Casey:  Gerwer Quads Hide...Just kidding... kind of. When it gets crazy I walk downstairs, walk in my room and sit on the edge of my bed and breathe for just a moment. The kids are safe upstairs and even a minute of almost silence is crucial for your sanity at those times. Mom's need a time out too. Shoot, I wish someone would send me to my room and tell me not to come out till I was ready to be nice! Also, when the Continue Reading

Quadathon Question 3: Financial Advice

GIVEAWAY: $50 Gift Certificate to Designed For Babies! 3. What is one piece of financial advice (or a tip) you would give to parents that have twins or more? Casey:  Gerwer Quads The obvious things come to mind... clip coupons, sell your baby stuff to resale, don't get take out as much... but y'all already probably know those things. I would just really say know going into it that your financial situation WILL change. Even if you are still working and you make great money, kids take a BIG chunk out of your piggy bank, let alone multiple kids at one time. I wish I could Continue Reading

Quadathon Question 2: Three Pieces Of Advice


GIVEAWAY: $50 Gift Certificate to Designed For Babies!   What  3 pieces of advice would you give to other mothers of multiples?   Casey:  Gerwer Quads 1. Do everything you can to try to get some one on one time with your kids! While I dish out this advice, I struggle to always do it. It’s tough, there is one of you and a million of them (okay not that many but it feels like it). I carry a lot of guilt that I don't get a lot of one on one time with my kiddos. But you have to try to find it. Take advantage when you can! 2. If you’re offered help, TAKE IT! I am Continue Reading

Quadathon Question 1: Toughest Year?

Before we start the Question and Answer section of the QUADATHON, we would like to thank these 4 wonderful moms that took time to answer these questions! We will posting about 2 questions per day so stay tuned! We hope their insight can help you through those baby years. GIVEAWAY: $50 Gift Certificate to Designed For Babies! And here we go!   From when your kids were born to now, what age was the most tough and why? Casey:  Gerwer Quads Now, FOR SURE now. 3. And the best (sarcasm) part is I'm only 2 months in to the wonderful 3's. It’s physically exhausting but its more Continue Reading

Quad Q&A: "Best Thing About Quads"

This is the last of our Q&As with the Quad Moms. Like Mrs. Domino said in her comment on one of the previous Quad Q&A posts, "Just knowing quad mommies survive and have enough time to answer questions online is inspiring!"Click here if you missed the rest of our "Q&A with the Quad Moms" series or just keep scrolling down to catch up on it all.We'll write up a thank you to everyone involved in our Quadathon next week, when I catch my breath, but for now we want to especially thank Suz, Jen, Gen and Mari for their time, humor and inspiring words.12. What's the best thing about having Continue Reading

Quad Q&A: "Best Parenting Advice?"

Here's the second to last question we asked the quad moms. Click here if you missed the rest of our "Q&A with the Quad Moms" series or just keep scrolling down.11. What's your best piece of parenting advice? Serious or funny. It can even be duct tape on diapers, Gen.Suz Steece - hee hee, nice one Gen! we will definitely be using that one of these days! duct tape is my best friend! haLAUGH LAUGH LAUGH! i believe in any situation you can find humor. sometimes when you are at your very lowest and don't think you can go on, 1st pray, then LAUGH. find SOMETHING in the situation to laugh about. Continue Reading