10 Easy, Effective Beauty Tips for Pregnancy


By Dena White BBA Contributor When a woman becomes pregnant, her hormone levels go all over the place. With pregnancy comes an abundance of joy and happiness; it also brings hormonal changes that lead to acne, dry skin, brittle hair and nails, varicose veins as well as problems with pigmentation. It is important to stay positive and feel good as much as possible during pregnancy; part of that is looking good as well, and so to that end we offer you these 10 easy, effective beauty tips for pregnancy and a bit beyond. Read more... Continue Reading

Why Cry Baby Analyzer: $100


From CrunchGear.com: Taking a page from the Baby Translator invented by Homer Simpson’s half-brother Herb Powell, the $100 "Why Cry Baby Analyzer” attempts to help parents figure out what their wailing bundle of joy is so upset about. While not as accurate as the Baby Translator from the Simpsons (”I have soiled myself… how embarrassing”) the WCBA can apparently detect the following dispositions: hungry, bored, annoyed, sleepy, and stressed. Read more... Continue Reading

Homemade Baby Wipes


Tired of shelling out cash for expensive baby wipes? Try this recipe for homemade wipes. All you need is a container for the wipes, paper towels, water, baby oil and baby bath. It sounds like a great idea at first, but the resourceful mom behind the operation quickly realized it was a one-time thing. "These wipes worked great when the roll was pretty new and stayed pretty solid, but as the roll got smaller and smaller, the roll collapsed and was a pain in the you-know-what to get wipes out. Especially if you have a skirmy child and you're using one hand! Overall, the wipes worked OK for a Continue Reading

Baby Gear Checklist

A list of what you really need from examiner.com. Here a few of the highlights: Crib that converts into a big kid bed Baby monitor One piece pajamas and socks Basic newborn tub Dreft laundry soap Continue Reading

Parenting with Cellphones


Ok, so maybe it isn't really parenting with cellphones, but they sure can be helpful. My iPhone has entertained our toddler countless times. He's 3 1/2 and can operate it better than my wife. He scrolls through pictures, zooms in and out, plays games and watches videos with ease. It's really impressive to watch him in action. As anyone who is a parent to a toddler knows, it's tough to keep them still. Just today, I was in line at a store and Jack wouldn't stay near me. Out came the iPhone and he was parked in line by my side until it was time to go. I highly recommend an iPhone or similar Continue Reading

Website Spotlight: Posh-A-Bye Baby Boutique


Please welcome our newest advertiser, Posh-a-Bye Baby Boutique. It's an upscale and trendy specialty boutique designed for stylish babies and toddlers. Their product line will take you from an elegant baby shower all the way to the cherished pre-school years. They even have products to keep parents looking posh and polished.  If you want to give your baby a chance to be a model, be sure to check out their Cover Model Photo Contest! Posh-a-Bye Baby Boutique currently offers more than 2,000 products. Continue Reading

The Leather Beer Holster


Here's a nice idea for a humorous (ridiculous) Father's Day gift, especially if Dad always has his hands full. The Beer Holster ($35) is available exclusively Red Envelope. (via Celebrity Baby Blog) Continue Reading

Website Spotlight: Lil’ Sugarplum


Lil' Sugarplum is an online boutique specializing in hair accessories made by a stay-at-home mom for babies thru young girls.  There are a variety of unique, no slip baby hair clips, baby headbands, and necklaces. Monique, the owner and designer, says the inspiration behind Lil' Sugarplum is her two beautiful children. "After three exciting years of trucks, trains, planes, dirt and anything blue, my daughter was born," Monique says on Lil' Sugarplum. "I began to see shades of pink; I fixated on pretty and dainty girly things and began enjoying all things feminine. I did not realize how I Continue Reading

Hand-Stitched Shoes from Baby Rhys


You may remember Baby Rhys from our Today's Twitter feature here on BBA back in April. Well we were lucky enough to receive a pair of their adorable crib shoes for review. The Baby Rhys crib shoes arrived in a great little package and were the colorful blue checks pattern (like the ones in the bottom left of the picture above). I noticed right away that the shoes had a beautiful hand made look and when I browsed through their online catalog, I  thought the same of the rest of their collection. The shoe package even contains a little note card saying who hand stitched that specific pair (ours Continue Reading

Website Spotlight: Kite Notes


Need birth announcements? Check out Kite Notes. "We are a custom stationery company that design amazing, one of a kind photo birth announcements," Priya Garcia, the owner and designer, told BBA. "All our photo announcements feature one or more photos, are double sided, digitally printed on 15pt cardstock (the heaviest stock that you will find out there) with a soft touch coating (smooth matte that highlights photos). Our designs, which are all exclusive to us, are trendy and modern with a traditional twist and can be customized if needed." Kite Notes also offers invitations, gift tags Continue Reading