10 Things Pregnant Women Should Know

***Originally Posted On OBGYN Gal*** 1.) Foods During pregnancy do not eat unpasteurized foods (cheeses and dairy products).  Do not eat raw fish or meats.  Reheat deli or processed meat before you eat them. 2.) Flu Shots The CDC recommends pregnant women should get a flu shot. During pregnancy, a woman's immune system is weakened and she becomes more susceptible to viruses and infections. 3.) Exercise Exercise is alright for most healthy pregnant  women. Check with your health care provider before starting any exercise during your pregnancy.  For most healthy, pregnant women Continue Reading

My Pregnancy Journal: “Not Too Much Longer”

Soccer Jack and 36 week progression 025

Week 36 By Jennifer BabyBlogAddict.com My Pregnancy Journal Over the past few days, I've been getting a lot of those, "Not too much longer" comments. I feel funny telling people that I still have 4 weeks left (really 3 1/2 since I have a scheduled repeat c-section). One lady said she had just asked another girl my size yesterday and the girl only had 2 days left! How do you react to that?!!! My husband said that I should just start saying, "What are you talking about? I'm only halfway there." Now that would probably shut them up pretty quickly. I might try the multiples angle too. Continue Reading

My Pregnancy Journal: “Can’t Touch This”

Can't Touch This - 32 weeks

Week 33 By Jennifer BabyBlogAddict.com Yes, that's an MC Hammer "Can't Touch This" t-shirt. My son took this picture of me or should I say, my belly, the other day. I bought the shirt from discobelly on etsy. I have to admit that it took longer than it was supposed to to get it, but I finally got it. I'm starting to think that this shot was calling for a buddha belly shirt like this one from Jellybean Apparel instead :) Continue Reading

My Pregnancy Journal: Finally, A Good Kick


Week 22 By Jennifer BabyBlogAddict.com Editor's note: "My Pregnancy Journal" posts will be first hand accounts of what's going on in my pregnancy. I'm currently 22 weeks pregnant with our second child. During my first pregnancy, my husband had to hear me talk about all the baby's movements--kicking, flipping and punching. But every time I called him over to feel it, it stopped cold. Until one afternoon...at a movie. The key that time was that he was already sitting next to me. When the baby kicked, I grabbed his hand and moved it to my belly. Not only was a nice, swift kick Continue Reading

Mom’s Exercise Helps Baby’s Heart


Even though some expectant mothers may be leery about it, medical experts say a thoughtful exercise program is good for both mother and child. The baby also benefits. One study found that when an expectant mother works out, her fetus reaps cardiac benefits in the form of lower fetal heart rates. Continue Reading

Study: Risk to Baby Greater With Repeat C-Sections


A new study details the risks of repeat c-sections. Nationwide, the c-section delivery rate keeps rising. According to the study authors, by 2006, 31.1 percent of deliveries in the United States were done this way. Babies delivered by elective, repeat cesarean section delivery are nearly twice as likely to be admitted to the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) than those born vaginally after the mother has previously had a c-section, the study finds. Continue Reading

A Mother’s Choice: Her Baby or Herself


By Ronda Kaysen MomLogic.com When one mother discovered, at 24 weeks pregnant, that she had a malignant brain tumor, she was faced with an unthinkable choice: treat her cancer and lose the baby, or wait until the baby could live on her own and risk her own life. In a stunning act of devotion to her baby, she chose to delay treatment until she knew the baby was strong enough to live outside the womb. A recent Los Angeles Times essay recounts her harrowing tale. Doctors told the mother, a young Indian woman in her 20s, that if she didn't treat the aggressive tumor immediately, she Continue Reading

Hurricane Baby Boom?


It's taking a while for one consequence of Hurricane Ike to take effect — nine months, to be exact. Many people were stranded at home with no electricity for days or even weeks after Ike slammed Southeast Texas on Sept. 13, and several obstetrical practices associated with The Woman's Hospital of Texas say they're expecting a mini-baby boom. Dr. Rakhi Dimino, an obstetrician/gynecologist with Houston Women's Care Associates, spent several days after Ike at home with her husband with no electricity and is set to give birth to her first child June 10. She told the Houston Chronicle she was Continue Reading

Fertility Doc Claims to Clone, Implant Human Embryos

A controversial fertility doctor claims to have cloned human embryos and implanted them into four women's wombs. And while none of 11 embryos he claims to have cloned resulted in a viable pregnancy, Dr. Panayiotis Zavos said he'll continue trying to clone a human embryo. "We managed to write chapter one. Chapter two, we will have a child a parent can take home and raise as a cloned child," Zavos said. His hope is that the birth of the first human clone is just a few years away. Continue Reading

Kids Can Take a Toll on Marital Happiness


Having children comes with a cost and it’s not only financial, according to a new study that found 90% of couples experienced decreased marital satisfaction after the first child’s birth. Researchers from the University of Denver and Texas A&M University studied 218 couples for eight years and found that even though childless couples also show diminished marital bliss over time, those with children had an accelerated decline -- particularly during adjustment to parenthood right after the birth. Continue Reading