The Realities of Parenting

With parenthood life around you simply changes. This include physically, mentally, emotionally, financially and spiritually. No matter how you look at it, parenting turns out to be both interesting and challenging for all the parents. As parents, you are supposed to device some of the best strategies for their better upbringing. At the same time you would see your child’s needs changing over the span of time from infancy to teenage and finally to adulthood. There are some universal truths, which you need to keep in mind while you tread on the path of parenthood. Let’s check some of the Continue Reading

Two Simple Ways to Be a Happier Parent

happy parents

When Christine Carter became a parent, she realized that her work as a sociologist who studies happiness gave her a head start on being a good and happy parent. Rather than trying to solve problems in her family, she wanted to prevent them. That got her wondering what makes for happy families and children. The result of that questioning is Raising Happiness (Ballantine Books). She said to start off by asking two questions about your life as a parent: 1. When are you happiest with your kids? 2. What part of the normal day with your family routinely causes suffering? Then make sure your Continue Reading

Baby Diapering 101


By the time a new baby is a couple of weeks old, parents will be diapering experts. But the first few times you try to strap a diaper onto a squirming baby, you might be at a loss as to how to get the job done right. Click here for diapering suggestions. Continue Reading

Blog Hopping: Third Baby Syndrome?

From An Island Life: When I first found out I was pregnant with both Girlie Girl and Baby Bug, I immediately went into planning mode. I made lists of possible names, baby items I needed, nursery themes, birthing options, etc. I started scouring the internet for the latest in baby gear. Is this what they call the Third Baby Syndrome? Is this poor child headed for a lifetime of hand-me-downs and a lack of photos documenting her childhood? With the birth of my first daughter, second-hand didn’t even enter my mind. Everything had to be brand new. I blame it on the lack of energy I’ve been Continue Reading

Study: TV May Hurt Babies’ Language Development

Here's a shocker - another study that says too much TV before the age of two can cause the social, cognitive and language development of babies to suffer. Recent studies show that TV-viewing tends to decrease babies' likelihood of learning new words, talking, playing and otherwise interacting with others. A new study published Monday in the Archive of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine adds to that evidence while introducing an intriguing new perspective. Many studies have suggested that television impedes learning by inhibiting youngsters' ability to interact with others, and according to Continue Reading

Parenting with Cellphones


Ok, so maybe it isn't really parenting with cellphones, but they sure can be helpful. My iPhone has entertained our toddler countless times. He's 3 1/2 and can operate it better than my wife. He scrolls through pictures, zooms in and out, plays games and watches videos with ease. It's really impressive to watch him in action. As anyone who is a parent to a toddler knows, it's tough to keep them still. Just today, I was in line at a store and Jack wouldn't stay near me. Out came the iPhone and he was parked in line by my side until it was time to go. I highly recommend an iPhone or similar Continue Reading

Summer and the Recession

Things are tough for a lot of families right now, so parents are looking to cut summer costs during the recession. Here are some tips for talking to your children about cutting back: Age matters: The younger children are, the more you will have to explain. Use terms they can understand and tell them why it is important to save money. Don't feel guilty: You should never feel guilty or let your children blame you for having to cut back. Back to basics: Remind your children that cutting back on expenses is not necessarily a bad thing. Trimming the budget for luxuries can be an Continue Reading

New Baby Means Adjusting Finances


Many people these days are doing what they can to reduce their spending. But if you're a new parent, your budget is undergoing a different kind of adjustment. From diapers to clothes, the cost of a newborn can add up. In fact, new parents can expect to spend between $4,500 and $5,000 during their child's first year for supplies alone, according to an online calculator at If you start day care at six months, the amount may double. Here are some tips on buying for baby without wrecking your budget. Continue Reading

Help! My Child Won’t Take a Bath!!

By Gopi Patel, MSE.d Special Educator In our house, every time after dinner, we head straight to the bath. Then we read a few books and within 20 minutes, it's 'lights-out'. But it wasn't always this easy...Here's how we did it. First, we established a routine with our bath-time and tried our best to stick to the routine, no matter which night it is. For a child who has a difficult time taking baths its important to follow through and take a bath EVERYDAY—until he/she does this without protesting. Here are four hints that made bath-time (and bedtime) easier... Have your child Continue Reading

Single Father Juggles Parenting and the PGA Tour


A great article from the New York Times... Reading the winds off the Atlantic — so essential for success in this weekend’s Players Championship in Florida — is a breeze next to gauging his teenage daughters’ well-being by their hurried text messages. Interpreting the girls’ fluctuating moods keeps the golfer Paul Goydos up at night. Now, more than ever, he insists they call him when they are out with friends or leaving work, no matter how late. He sleeps better after hearing their voices as they talk about the day — like golfers rehashing their rounds. Goydos, 44, has had full custody Continue Reading