What I Should Have Said On My First Date


   **Pursuit Of Love** At first glance of the image above everything that a woman doesn't want me to brag about, I am pretty good at! Fantasy Football.... Check! (#10) Drinking Skills.... Check! (#9) Sexual Prowess... Check!  (Just kidding) (#7)   1. Kitchen Skills I obviously have to get a little better in the kitchen! Shoot! I don't really mind cooking at all, but cooking for myself is not only annoying it really isn't a cost benefit for me and is it really even healthier. I feel like I mastered the healthy fast food restaurant menu. Just to name a Continue Reading

A Worse Investment Than A Car

**Pursuit Of Love Series** I have had many conversations about engagement rings from my parents to friends and even a girlfriend or two. Well me and my last ex we could not be further apart from what our beliefs were. And do you know how it is a worse investment than a car? It is when she doesn't return the ring to you when you have a 50% chance of divorce. ( I know I am a little pessimistic about this whole ring thing) The Best Marketing Campaign Ever How much should the guy spend on the ring?? It obviously depends on how much you make. For the average male especially if we are only in Continue Reading

What Do I Do When A Woman Says…


**Pursuit Of Love Series**   You know in those movies when there is an army unit walking through a jungle and all of sudden they slam down 10 feet into a trap their enemy laid out for them? They know there is probably a trap somewhere but you just don't exactly know when it is coming. Well women lay these same traps out for men, so lets take a look at them and please if anyone wants to give me advice on these please do so!   I Swear Nothing Is Wrong... This one use to drive me absolutely insane until I realized I am just going to take their word for it and won't worry Continue Reading

Am I Really That Unattractive


**Pursuit Of Love Series** To answer that question, I think I found out the hard way.... You Think Denver Has Cold Winters, Try Antarctica About 6 months ago I tried going into the online dating world, I heard some good things about it and even one of my own family members had great success with it(she got married)! I thought to myself, I am a decent looking guy, I am active, how hard could this be. Well it was a lot harder than I thought!   I did my research and found match.com, which seemed reasonably priced, real people were on it and I heard good recommendations from Continue Reading

The Most Awkward Date EVER


**Pursuit Of Love Series** Please read the intro first The Cougar Before dating "Erica" or what I would like to say before exclusively dating (this has a whole story for another time) her I met this "cougar" a 39 year old woman in Las Vegas. How old was I you might be asking... 22 years old. Yep a little weird but she was awesome to be around and to be quite honest one of the most interesting woman I have ever met. This is the reason I have such an attraction towards older woman, they really do a number with me with their conversation. It is BY FAR better than a younger woman's conversation Continue Reading

The Escape Artist

My third child, my second daughter.  I thought by the time you reached the third kid, things were supposed to be a breeze.  As in an “Easy” child.  Hahahaha (insert crazy laughter here).  I love her with all my heart but she is a complete and total mess.  She is always running after her older sister and brother, her hair is always falling out of her bows and ponytails and into her face, and she never quite knows what to do with herself.   Except when she is in clothes….. She is a total escape artist when it comes to wearing clothes.  At first it started with shoes and socks in the car.  Continue Reading

Strange Celebrity Baby Names

Picking the perfect name for your child can be a very challenging task. You may want to choose a name that is time-tested, a classic. Perhaps, there’s a family name that you want to pass down. Or, you may opt for something a little different that encapsulates a moment, place, feeling, or characteristic that you wish to bestow upon your little one. However, if you’re a celebrity (or have aspirations of becoming one someday) you may go a different route. It seems that, ahem, “unique” names are all the rage in Hollywood today. Whether the inspiration comes from the ingredients of a bottle of Continue Reading

I Peed In My Pampers


I awoke on the morning of Feb. 24th experiencing a familiar sensation..."Braxton Hicks" contractions (false labor contractions).  These contractions were occasionally mildly painful although usually more annoying than anything.  I had been having these contractions since I began the third trimester and was fully aware that they pretty much meant, well....nothing.  I can honestly say that the past few weeks had been filled with many false alarms so I was not about to panic about them this time. Anthony and I had been planning a quick trip to Phoenix for the weekend to do dinner with the Continue Reading

How Can Poop Land In Your Eyeball?


I haven't slept in two weeks. It has really been challenging. I think that being a new parent has been the hardest thing I have ever done. Wait, scratch that, I know it is the hardest thing I have ever done. "She is crying again." All the people who meet her tell me how she is such a quiet baby. They tell me how lucky I am because I have such a quiet baby. I am not sure if they are lying to me, or if babies really do cry much more than she does. If so it is a wonder that people have more than one. Tonight has been especially difficult. Anthony is at work. He works for three days in a row Continue Reading

My Pregnancy Journal: “Can’t Touch This”

Can't Touch This - 32 weeks

Week 33 By Jennifer BabyBlogAddict.com Yes, that's an MC Hammer "Can't Touch This" t-shirt. My son took this picture of me or should I say, my belly, the other day. I bought the shirt from discobelly on etsy. I have to admit that it took longer than it was supposed to to get it, but I finally got it. I'm starting to think that this shot was calling for a buddha belly shirt like this one from Jellybean Apparel instead :) Continue Reading