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 Hashtag: #HEALTHATHON  ******THIS GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED!!!******   To enter the GIVEAWAY follow these 3 simple rules 1. Follow Babyblogaddict on Twitter 2. Follow What To Expect on Facebook 3. Leave a comment on this blog post telling us you have done both   We will pick a winner using a random number generator. In your comment, leave a way for us to contact you (e-mail, blog, twitter, etc.). The contest will end 11-11-11, 12pm Arizona   You get to choose from the following 4 books from What To Expect....      What To Expect Before You're Continue Reading

5 Healthy Foods That Your Kids Eat | Healthathon

#HEALTHATHON     1. What Are The 5 Foods You Try To Always Have Your Kids Eat?   Amy Roskelley:     Super Healthy Kids Every day I try to get my kids to eat something from each food group. So on a typical day, I’ll encourage... Eggs (for the protein) Green Salad (for the veggies) Apples (because we always have some and they like them) Yogurt (for the dairy) Whole Wheat Bread or brown rice (for the grains of course)   Mandi Turner:      Cardon Children's Medical Center Fresh fruit (2 different kinds and colors) examples: oranges and Continue Reading

Spotlight On Dana Stannard | Healthathon: Kids and Food

Dana and Kids

Hashtag: #HEALTHATHON     Dana Stannard: Cocoa Kids and BBA   I’m a wife, mother and stay-at-home mom for my three crazy kiddos. In my former life I was a Food Scientist and Product Developer for The Coca-Cola Company. I quit to stay at home and spend more time with my kids. Once that happened, I realized I needed an outlet for my creativity so I started an embroidery business out of my home.   In my downtime (what’s that???) I love to cook, garden and read. I started blogging as a way to connect with other parents, share stories, find some humor in life Continue Reading

Spotlight On Hallie | Healthathon: Kids and Food


Hashtag: #HEALTHATHON     Hallie From The Princess and The Pump My name is Hallie Addington. I write the blog, The Princess and The Pump. My daughter, Avery, is five years old. She was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes just one month after her third birthday. It was April 27, 2009. I’ll never forget that date. It was the day our lives changed forever.   What Is Type 1 Diabetes Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease. It occurs when a person’s immune system attacks and kills the insulin producing beta cells in the pancreas. A person with type 1 diabetes does not make Continue Reading

Spotlight on Amy Roskelley | Healthathon: Kids and Food


Hashtag: #HEALTHATHON     Amy Roskelley   From Super Healthy Kids   As a mother to three kids, a graduate of health education, and a food blogger, I love to share recipes and ideas for feeding kids healthy food. Four years ago, when I began blogging about healthy ideas, my kids were picky eaters. They often complained about the food I made and hardly touched their vegetables at dinner. We decided to get serious about eating better and helping the kids to enjoy healthier foods so they would eat healthy food for themselves.   I developed the Healthy Habits Continue Reading

Spotlight On Mandi Turner | Healthathon: Kids and Food

Hashtag: #HEALTHATHON     Mandi Turner RD, CDE   Mandi has worked at Banner Desert Cardon Children’s Medical Center in Mesa, Arizona as a level 2 clinical dietitian since 2003. She graduated from Oregon State University in 2001.   Some of her jobs at Banner Desert include: Manage a complex caseload of patients, from infant to adult                                                                                            Provide comprehensive nutrition assessments Provide nutrition education and counseling to patients and families Develop and Continue Reading

Healthathon: Kids and Food Homepage


Hashtag: #HEALTHATHON   Welcome to our 2nd Healthathon and our 3rd "athon". Tomorrow we will start introducing our 4 ladies that will be answering 10 questions we asked them. The 4 women all have a different slant on things but all have amazing opinions and insight into the world of Kids and Food! We will also be doing 4 giveaways starting November 7th! Our Guests Amy Roskelley:   Super Healthy Kids    11-2-11 Amy has been blogging since 2007 about healthy eating for her kids and just about everyone. She has an amazing blog that has endless amounts of tips to parents that need Continue Reading


We have 3 great contributors to our HEALTHATHON on the topic of Autism.   Spotlights Dr. Kari Miller from Miller Educational Excellence Amy Hummel from Autism Speaks Abigail Twyman, M.Ed., BCBA   Question and Answer   Question 1: What Are 3 Myths You Hear People Say About Autism? Question 2: Vaccines, what are your thoughts on them, and what if anything should we be doing? Question 3: What are some of the signs of Autism you should be looking for with children? Question 4: Describe to me an average kid with autism Question 5: What can a family do Continue Reading

HEALTHATHON: Question 9: Diet With Autism

9.  Talk about your thoughts on the diet aspect of helping your child with autism. Do you believe it helps? If so what diet helps? Dr. Kari Miller: Many anecdotal reports attest to the positive effects of dietary changes in the behavior of individuals on the spectrum.   Some diets that have helped people include: eliminating gluten, the protein in wheat, eliminating casein, the protein in dairy products, limiting sugar limiting refined and highly processed foods increasing Omega 3 fatty acids increasing Vitamin B6, taken with magnesium (which makes the vitamin Continue Reading

HEALTHATHON: Question 8: Schedules With Autism

8. Do certain types of daily schedules help with autistic children? If so, what kind? Dr. Kari Miller: All kids need structure and routine to feel safe and to thrive.  Therefore, setting up supportive structures for meals, sleeping, self-care, social interaction, learning, and recreation are necessary for children to feel comfortable enough to engage in the exploration of their environments that is essential to their growth and development.   I’d like to answer this question by talking about areas that are rarely discussed— how your child’s learning is affected by movement and Continue Reading