4 Healthy Food Recipes For Kids | Healthathon

#Healthathon     10. What Is Your One Healthy Food Recipe Your Kids Can't Get Enough Of?   Dana Stannard:   Cocoa Kids My kids love a simple roasted chicken. Can't get enough of it. Also, they really like steamed edamame. The fun factor plays into the edamame though. They love to shell the peas from the pods. Roasted Chicken Recipe   Amy Roskelley:   Super Healthy Kids I’ll answer that as the food we can’t get enough of right now, because it changes often. We call it, Apple Dessert.    1 apple, chopped and cored  1 tablespoon corn starch  1 Continue Reading

How Many Fast Food Meals A Week Do You Allow? | Healthathon

#Healthathon 9. How Many Fast Food Meals A Week Do You Allow?   Hallie:  Princess And The Pump We try to keep it to one.   We have one night during the week when she needs to eat before gymnastics but we don’t time between school and gymnastics to get anywhere else…   When she was first diagnosed, we ate at fast food places A LOT.  That might seem really odd – but I’m thinking other parents of type 1 kids will understand…  When you are first learning to carb count… When you are first learning to dose insulin…  When you are first learning to give your child Continue Reading

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Simple Carbs With Kids, When To Start Worrying? | Healthathon

#HEALTHATHON   8. Is It Too Early To Start Worrying About Feeding Our Kids Simple Carbohydrates? Why or Why Not   Amy Roskelley:   Super Healthy Kids It’s never too early. Simple carbs can be addicting. If we had white bread in the house, my kids would devour an entire loaf before lunch. We also avoid them because they aren’t satisfying. Eating simple carbs are easily digestible, spike blood sugars, and then drop them just as quickly. Complex carbs like brown rice, wheat bread, and oats can give a child energy, without giving blood sugar a roller coaster Continue Reading

Are Fruit Juices Bad For Kids?? | Healthathon

#HEALTHATHON     7. What Are Your Thoughts On Juices? Do You Allow Them?   Mandi Turner:  Cardon Children's Medical Center No more than 6oz/day (100% fruit juice).  I encourage fresh fruit over juice.   Dana Stannard:   Cocoa Kids We do but sparingly. They can have juice at breakfast but not lunch or dinner. They are allowed juice boxes but they don't have them frequently. We feel like water is such a healthy option and juice just has unnecessary sugar and calories.   Amy Roskelley:   Super Healthy Kids We are fans of homemade juices, and they can Continue Reading

Ever Too Early To Start Thinking About What Your Child Eats? | Healthathon

Hashtag: #HEALTHATHON   6. At What Age Do You Think It Is Time To Start Thinking About What Your Child Eats?   Hallie:  Princess And The Pump It’s never too early.  My perspective on this is different from your average Mom…  Because we think about every. single. thing. that goes into her mouth.  We have to.  We count every. single. carbohydrate.   That means that we weigh her food.  It means we use measuring cups.  It means we count out grapes one by one.  And goldfish crackers, too!  Good times, let me tell you!   We have to think about not only how Continue Reading

Healthy Grocery Shopping Tips | Healthathon

5. What Would Be Your Advice On Healthy Grocery Shopping?     Dana Stannard:   Cocoa Kids Don't take your kids with you!!! I always end up with more items in my cart than I planned for. Also - never go to the store hungry. I like to try and plan my meals for the week ahead of time before I go to the store. That way I can see what is in my pantry or freezer that needs to be used up first. I also joined an organic produce co-op that I love. It delivers a box of fruits and vegetables to my house every week. I think it's a great way to introduce new produce into your Continue Reading

What Does Your Typical Breakfast Look Like For Your Kids | Healthathon

4. What Does a Typical Breakfast Look Like For Your Kids? And Why?   Dana Stannard:   Cocoa Kids It depends on the kid. For my oldest daughter, she loves eggs. She would eat them all day long. She prefers an over-easy egg with half a bagel. My son likes either cereal or fruit with a pop-tart. And my youngest daughter usually just chooses what the other two eat. They always have either OJ or milk and always have a daily vitamin. We don't serve much juice except at breakfast and I always buy the fortified brand. They also like to eat English Muffins and I buy the double fiber ones. They Continue Reading

Sugar Consumption With Kids | Healthathon

 Hashtag: #HEALTHATHON   3. How Much Sugar Is Too Much Sugar?   Amy Roskelley:   Super Healthy Kids There is never a need for added sugar. Natural sugars from fruit are sweet enough for kids whose taste buds have not become addicted to intensely sweet foods. Not saying we don’t eat sugar, because we definitely like to make treats, but we don’t need it! Mandi Turner:   Cardon Children's Medical Center Try not to add additional sugar onto foods since they usually contain sugar in them already. Dana Stannard:  Cocoa Kids I believe that every food is ok in moderation. I Continue Reading

Tips On Getting Them To Eat Something They Don’t Like | Healthathon

2. Best Tricks And Tips On Getting Them To Eat Something They Don't Like   Amy Roskelley: Super Healthy Kids My best tip on getting my kids to eat something they don’t like is to make it taste good. It’s easy to pass up bitter broccoli, but roast the broccoli with some Parmesan cheese, and it tastes amazing! I decided if we learn how to prepare foods to taste good, it’s impossible for kids not to like them.   Mandi Turner: Cardon Children's Medical Center Sneak it in (mix similar colors) for example you can puree carrots and orange squash and mix them into macaroni and Continue Reading