Top 5 Health Sites and Blogs for Kids


1. This one is pretty obvious, tons and I mean a ton of information on the site. I love how it is organized into 3 simple sections on their homepage. One for parents, one for kids and one for teens. You could spends days on end reading great articles from this site.   2. Another great website with tons and tons of information on it. You can honestly spend and find so much information on this site you might leave it for hours!   3. Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Jaime Oliver is one of the leaders in changing the culture with food Continue Reading


We have 3 great contributors to our HEALTHATHON on the topic of Autism.   Spotlights Dr. Kari Miller from Miller Educational Excellence Amy Hummel from Autism Speaks Abigail Twyman, M.Ed., BCBA   Question and Answer   Question 1: What Are 3 Myths You Hear People Say About Autism? Question 2: Vaccines, what are your thoughts on them, and what if anything should we be doing? Question 3: What are some of the signs of Autism you should be looking for with children? Question 4: Describe to me an average kid with autism Question 5: What can a family do Continue Reading

HEALTHATHON: Question 9: Diet With Autism

9.  Talk about your thoughts on the diet aspect of helping your child with autism. Do you believe it helps? If so what diet helps? Dr. Kari Miller: Many anecdotal reports attest to the positive effects of dietary changes in the behavior of individuals on the spectrum.   Some diets that have helped people include: eliminating gluten, the protein in wheat, eliminating casein, the protein in dairy products, limiting sugar limiting refined and highly processed foods increasing Omega 3 fatty acids increasing Vitamin B6, taken with magnesium (which makes the vitamin Continue Reading

HEALTHATHON: Question 8: Schedules With Autism

8. Do certain types of daily schedules help with autistic children? If so, what kind? Dr. Kari Miller: All kids need structure and routine to feel safe and to thrive.  Therefore, setting up supportive structures for meals, sleeping, self-care, social interaction, learning, and recreation are necessary for children to feel comfortable enough to engage in the exploration of their environments that is essential to their growth and development.   I’d like to answer this question by talking about areas that are rarely discussed— how your child’s learning is affected by movement and Continue Reading

HEALTHATHON: Question 6: Will There Be A Cure For Autism

Do you think there will ever be a cure for autism and if so when?   Dr. Kari Miller: The term cure is problematic.  Some people on the spectrum do not desire a “cure” and do not view autism as a “disease”, but instead, see it as part of who they are. However, some individuals with autism do experience troubling symptoms, such as extreme sensitivity to environmental stimuli, and may value improvement in the symptoms.  Clearly, research will continue and more will be learned about the risk factors, treatment and educational approaches that benefit people with autism—that is certain.  Continue Reading

HEALTHATHON: Question 4: An Average Kid with Autism

Describe to me an average kid with autism   Dr. Kari Miller: Each individual is unique and there is no way to present a “typical” picture.  However, there are three core areas that are affected by autism:  social skills, language and communication, and repetitive and/or restricted behaviors.  Each child with autism will show some degree of challenge in these areas, but need not show a marked difficulty in all areas.  Kids may also have sensory and/or motor problems, to varying degrees.   There are other conditions that may coexist with autism, such as mental retardation, Continue Reading

Gestational Diabetes Confirmed

See my last blog at Gestational Diabetes.  Now, see how my week finished up. My roller coaster of a week wasn’t done.  A few days later, I went in to take my 3 hour glucose test, the test that is supposed to clear me of any concerns, and just act as the blessing of being a wake up call for my husband and I to live a more balanced life, a reminder to eat healthy, exercise, and cut back on work, as hard as that was for me. I get to my test and text my husband as I’m in the waiting room at the lab, when he surprises me and tells me he’s coming to keep me company for those 3 hours.  What an Continue Reading

Gestational Diabetes….What?!?


Hi!  I’m Ali, Ed’s daughter, Ed and Beth’s oldest, and pregnant with my first.  I’ll be a guest blogger on this site and look forward to sharing my final 10 weeks of pregnancy with you, along with my first impressions of motherhood. The past week has been a roller coaster of emotions for me.  Let me just start by saying that I’m not that crazy emotional pregnant woman!  I’m an emotional person by nature (my mother calls it compassionate) but pregnancy has made me much more mellow and calm than I was the 12 months of trying to conceive.  My husband will attest to that. A week ago, I found Continue Reading

Umbilical Cord Blood: Keep It or Ditch it?


It is estimated that about one child in every 1,000 to 200,000 (yes, this is a large range, but the studies differ) may have a future illness that could benefit from having his or her own cord blood saved. Families choosing to bank cord blood may find this procedure to provide some peace of mind, much like having an insurance plan where you pay for a service that may or may not ever be needed. Read more... Continue Reading

Mom’s Exercise Helps Baby’s Heart


Even though some expectant mothers may be leery about it, medical experts say a thoughtful exercise program is good for both mother and child. The baby also benefits. One study found that when an expectant mother works out, her fetus reaps cardiac benefits in the form of lower fetal heart rates. Continue Reading