Oopsie Daisy! Rinse-Free Shampoo

I remember a time when our son Jack was younger and put his grimy hands in his hair while eating. We were left with a dilemma - give him a bath, even if it was mid-day, or let him spend the rest of the day with sticky hair.Now there's an alternative. We were lucky enough to be asked to review a rinse-free shampoo from oopsy daisy! It was developed by a mom who appropriately called it their High Chair Hair Care Rinse Free Shampoo.Our son Jack is out of the stage of putting food in his hair, so trying this out required a fun experiment. I actually put peanut butter in his hair. As directed, I Continue Reading

Who Knew? Different Size Nipples

By JenniferBabyBlogAddict.com"Who Knew?" is a new Baby Blog Addict column that will mostly be based on my own crazy experiences and discoveries during pregnancy and motherhood. It'll touch on the things you don't always find in the books, but you probably should. I've often thought, "How am I supposed to just know that?" That's how this column,"Who Knew?" came to be.Along with my own experiences, I'll also share stories that I hear from my mommy friends or that I find while blog hopping. You can participate too. Feel free to submit your own "Who Knew?" experiences to share with the Baby Blog Continue Reading

Plastic Baby Bottles Ruled Safe

Plastic baby bottles and water bottles are safe, a federal health official said Tuesday, seeking to ease public concerns about the health hazards of a chemical used in the products.The National Toxicology Program said in a recent draft report that there is "some concern" that bisphenol A can cause changes in behavior and the brain, as well as reduce survival and birthweight in fetuses. It drew its conclusions from animal studies. Continue Reading

More U.S. Retailers Give BPA The Boot

Toys 'R' Us announced today that it will phase out bottles and other "baby feeding products" containing BPA by the end of the year. Wal-Mart last week said that it will stop selling baby bottles made with BPA by early next year.Stanford University pediatrician Alan Greene, author of Raising Baby Green, encourages parents to reduce their children's exposure to BPA. "I wouldn't use it for my children," says Greene, a father of four.Greene says parents can avoid BPA by choosing glass bottles or shunning plastics labeled with a number 7 recycling code. Some bottles, such as BornFree, Medela and Continue Reading

BumpyName Orbit Labels

Throw away the markers for labeling your kids' sippy cups. We have better and cuter options for you. A while back we featured Baby Labels on BBA. Now, here's another way to label your kids' sippy cups.BumpyName Orbit Labels are a great solution for labeling bottles, sippy cups, snack containers and other drink containers. I haven't used them yet, but I've heard a lot of great things about them from other moms. They are non-adhesive, so you can use them to tag different items, but if you want to keep them on the same cups and containers all the time, they are also dishwasher and microwave Continue Reading

Picky Eaters…They Get It From You

Researchers examined the eating habits of 5,390 pairs of twins between 8 and 11 years old and found children’s aversions to trying new foods are mostly inherited. The message to parents: It’s not your cooking, it’s your genes. According to the report, 78 percent is genetic and the other 22 percent environmental. Continue Reading

Picky Eaters…The Experts Suggest

Check out these strategies for getting a picky child to try new foods, collected from child nutrition experts.My favorite is to adapt dishes to child-friendly shapes and sizes. I think that has been one of our most successful ways to get Jack to eat things he would not touch otherwise.More on picky eaters tomorrow... Continue Reading

Skip the High Chair

You may want to skip over the high chair when you are registering. Instead, check out the infant to toddler feeding seat from The First Years. It's much more compact, it's portable and it grows with your child, so instead of buying a high chair and a booster seat (and later storing both in the attic), you can just get the smaller feeding seat from the get-go.We went the route of the high chair and booster seat and it worked for us the way our kitchen and dining room were set up, but I can easily see how skipping the high chair altogether could be a better option for some. What do you think? Continue Reading

Toddler Party Foods

Melissa needs some ideas on our forum and I'm sure the feedback will help all of us when we host kid-friendly parties.She says... "My husband's coworkers are always hosting what I like to call "driveway" parties, and expect everyone (even those with little ones) to attend. The problem is that the parties are never kid friendly. They've planned another party, so I would like to provide some kid-friendly foods for the toddlers to enjoy. I mean, do they really expect a two year old to eat ribs and stuffed jalapenos? Does anyone have suggestions for great party food for toddlers? Also, any ideas Continue Reading

Want to Feed Your Kids for Free?

Check out mykidseatfree.com to find out which restaurants in your city offer Kids Eat Free specials. Search your state and city here. Continue Reading