Mom’s Exercise Helps Baby’s Heart


Even though some expectant mothers may be leery about it, medical experts say a thoughtful exercise program is good for both mother and child. The baby also benefits. One study found that when an expectant mother works out, her fetus reaps cardiac benefits in the form of lower fetal heart rates. Continue Reading

Getting Fit After Baby

Here are a few exercise tips from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists... > Begin exercising at a slow pace, especially if you didn't exercise much during your pregnancy. > Always start your workouts with a warmup and end with a cool-down period. > Work out in a supportive sports bra. > Start out with regular power walks. You can take baby with you in a stroller. > Work your way up from walking to more difficult exercises. > Consider joining an exercise class that's designed for new moms. > Look for exercise programs at a local gym or fitness Continue Reading

Getting in Shape After Baby

New mom Laila Ali, a professional athlete all her life, says she really needed to get back in shape after her son, Curtis, was born in late August. But how does a mother find the time and the energy? Ali found out that being fit is good for both the mom and her baby. Continue Reading