Kid Won’t Eat? This Works for Me!

cooking on clover lane

We recently posted about Healthy, Fun Lunches here on BBA. I'm always searching for creative ways to feed a kid, since I have a picky preschooler who is more of a grazer than a sit-down-and-eat-a-meal kind of child. Here's another great post that my friend Leslie came across while blog hopping. It's called Kid Won't Eat? This Works for Me! from Cooking on Clover Lane. She offers lots of other great recipes with beautiful pictures to accompany them. Check out all the labels in the right column to jump to recipes titles that look like they will work for your family. Continue Reading

Blog Watch: Kids are Optimistic


By Peter Hartlaub The Poop One of my favorite kid-related memories, bittersweet as it was, happened a little over two years ago. It was our first family birthday after my grandmother died. She had been the center of our family in a lot of ways -- my grandparents on my mother's side immigrated from Mexico, worked very hard and set the value standard for our family -- and her last few stroke-addled months hadn't been easy. So we're sitting around a table on my mother's birthday, going through the motions with food and a few forgotten presents in the corner, but mostly feeling lost and a Continue Reading

Blog Watch: Pros and Cons of Toddler Breastfeeding


A post on the blog Breastfeeding Moms Unite lists three pros and two cons of breastfeeding a toddler. Pros: I love breastfeeding my toddler because it is a great way for us to connect. Breastfeeding a toddler is a great parenting tool. To top it off, the breast milk I am producing now continues to nourish her while specifically providing antibodies to fight illness and toughening her immune system to ward off future allergies. Cons: Toddlers generally don’t have the best manners. It can be a bit worrisome to moms when your older nursling still has a very small appetite and Continue Reading

Blog Watch: Apple Pulls “Baby Shaker” App


By Leslie Postal Moms at Work I'm not an iPhone owner (I know, poor me), so the fact that you can purchase various apps for said phones, well, that hardly matters to me. But I couldn't help but notice this story about the Baby Shaker app where you, yup, shake your phone to make the picture of a crying baby turn to a calm one.  Child protection groups were outraged -- and Apple pulled the .99 cent app from its store earlier today. The Sarah Jane Brain Foundation condemned the app in a press release that said, "Something's Rotten at Apple." The group called the application Continue Reading

Crackdown Possible on Parent-Bloggers

The Wall Street Journal's The Juggle blog broaches an interesting subject. The idea of the Federal Trade Commission getting involved in the issue of parent-bloggers and their transparency to readers. “The sticky issue that is raised is what happens if a product is given for free,” said Richard Cleland, a spokesman for the FTC, to ABC News. He added that the punishment a blogger could face might range from cease-and-desist orders to reimbursement to consumers who may have bought a product under false circumstances. Many parents use bloggers’ recommendations when researching Continue Reading

Is Blogging More Often (or Less) Part of Your New Year’s Resolutions?

I came across this post, "Time Management for Bloggers with Babies" on BlogCoach and it got me thinking. Is blogging more often (or blogging less often) part of your New Year's resolutions?I think I'll have to add "blogging more efficiently" to my own list. Where does the time go when blogging and blog hopping?Let us know if blogging is part of your New Year's resolutions in the comments on this post. You may inspire fellow baby blog addicts or get inspiration for your own New Year's resolutions regarding blogging. Continue Reading

Blog Watch: babySTEALS

Brace yourselves bargain shoppers...are you familiar with babySTEALS yet? They sell one quality baby or maternity product every day at 50-80% off until it sells out. It's not just a deal, it's a steal! A 'BabySteal'!Their new "steals" are posted at 9am MST. Check out today's steal for Aden and Anais swaddling blankets. They retail for $49.95, but are available for $24.98 for 24 hours or until they sell out. Sign up for their feed or daily email alerts to make sure you get the steals you want. Continue Reading

Blog Watch: Baby Scrapbooking Giveaway

Check out The Life, Faith and Creativity of Jessica Turner blog this week. She is a mommy/crafty blogger who is hosting, "The Best in Baby Scrapbooking," Dec. 8-12. She will feature a different baby scrapbooking product each day and will be giving away prize packages of the featured items every day. All giveaways will be open for seven days. Continue Reading

Tip Junkie’s 12 Days of Giveaways and More…

Tip Junkie is on Day 5 of her 12 Days of Junkie. She even has a Winner Announcement Page set up for this giveaway and future ones, like the Christmas Card Challenge, Christmas Tree Decorating Challenge and a yet-to-be announced giveaway in January.Don't miss our current giveaways too:40 Cards from Peek-a-boo Paperie - ends Sunday, 11/23/08 at 7 PM ETDaddy Diaper Changing Toolbox - ends Thursday, 11/20/08 at 7 PM ET Continue Reading

The Shift of the Mommyblogger

Check out Rita Arens' very interesting post, "The Shift of the Mommyblogger," on BlogHer. It's obviously a very hot topic based on all of the comments she has received. What do you think? Has your blogging style shifted?There's change in the air for the first wave of mommybloggers. They don't complain about their kids much anymore. In fact, they don't write about their kids as much as they used to. Have they lost interest? Lost their edge? Or are their kids just old enough to read?... Continue Reading