Best Baby Blog and Parenting Templates


Use StudioPress , You Will Be Thanking Me Later I have not been in the blogging world for to long but there is one thing that I tell every single person that asks me about how to get started and that is you need to use Studiopress to set your blog up! I am a little biased on this but I 100% believe in their product and it could not be simpler to use for beginners. What is amazing with the templates and the framework they use for wordpress is that you can constantly customize the template. The better at coding you get the more customization you will be able to do.   Change Is Always Continue Reading

Parenting Bloggers Click with Advertisers


Moms used to get all the blogging love. But now some Dads are cashing in on the action. Today, parenting blogs are as likely to host a display ad for an educational toy or a cosmetics giveaway as they are a post recounting little Joey’s first night in his big-boy bed. As they initially worked their way into this arena, marketers targeted mom bloggers. Research indicated that mothers did the bulk of household shopping and largely controlled $1.7 million in consumer spending. But the last couple of years has seen a steady boost in blogging about the wonders and woes of child-rearing from the Continue Reading

My Family Silhouette from Widdly Tinks

Widdly Tinks has some adorable and creative tickers for bloggers. They make customizable widgets for pregnant women, new mothers, brides to be and for many other special occasions and events. Check out this adorable picture silhouette that I built for our own family. My Family from If you have a larger family, your family silhouette could look like this:   Check out some other widgets and plugins Continue Reading

Create a Free Blog Signature

You can personalize your blog posts by creating your own free signature at They offer everything necessary to create both static and animated signatures to add to your email messages, blogs, posts on forums and on websites.There are three ways to get your signature: Imitate your signature yourself using the step-by-step signature creation wizard. Imitate your signature yourself using the on screen signature draw widget. Write your signature with a pencil, pen or a felt-tip pen on a sheet of paper, scan the sheet and let their designers create the signature by sending the Continue Reading

Web Designer Spotlight: Leelou Blogs

Leelou has some adorable FREE blog templates available. She creates the layouts using inspiration from patterns she comes across every day - clothing, pillows, magazine covers, shower curtains....pretty much anything that strikes her.She also does custom designs, but her waiting list for custom blog designs is 5 months out, so she's closed the list for new custom orders for now. That's one popular designer! Until then, check out her free layouts here.Have any of you used Leelou's free layouts? Let us know what you think in the comments section here. Continue Reading

Free Blogger Templates: The Cutest Blog on the Block

****A revised list about Baby Blog Templates**** You also might like Template vs. Content The Cutest Blog on the Block offers some adorable designer backgrounds for free! And best of all, they say that you will NOT loose any information such as links, widgets, or html codes! You may have noticed quite a few of these templates popping up on blogs lately. They have a subtle box in the upper left corner that says Free backgrounds and more at I would recommend choosing a background that is not too busy. The background stays put as the text scrolls, so Continue Reading

Blogoversary Button

This is the first Blogoversary button I've come across and you can easily get it for your own blog at All you need to do is input your "born date" (or date of your first post) and it will calculate the code for your personalized button. Then add it as a new page element (html) in your blogger sidebar.If you type in your blog name and blog address, they'll also showcase your blog on their site when it has its blogoversary, but the address is optional, so don't include it if you want to keep your blog amongst family and friends only. Continue Reading

Blog Designer Spotlight: Made Digital

Made Digital's tagline is "Designing memories that last...and so much more!" And designer Theresa Marie is right. She is one-stop-shop for designs, like:announcements and invitationscustom scrapbook pages and albumsbusiness items like logos and business cardsand our favorite, blog headers and complete blog re-designsReady for a new look on your blog, but don't know where to start? Check out Made Digital's blog portfolio and reasonable prices. You can get a new header for just $35 or an entire redesign package for just $47. Continue Reading

Web Spotlight & Blogging Tips from Tip Junkie

Tip Junkie is a site that compiles great tips and creative ideas from people like you! Fun activities for the kids, delicious recipes and creative decorating tips are just of few of the tips you'll get from Tip Junkie. Your own blog posts can even be added as tips on Tip Junkie. Just check out the Submit a Tip link in her blog's sidebar.My favorite post and a great one for all of you Baby Blog Addicts is Blogger Questions & Tips. From "Is it worth putting advertising on my blog?" to "Do you like music on blogs", this is a great list of 18 blogger tips that you don't want to miss. Continue Reading

Blogger’s Latest Feature is a Scheduler’s Dream

Wanna keep your blog updated daily while you are on a vacation to a deserted island with no internet access??? Now you can with Blogger's latest feature of Scheduled Post Publishing.We sometimes write posts in advance for our personal blog and save them to post throughout the week (so the grandparents don't have withdrawals), but in the past, we still had to log in and publish those pre-written posts each day so they would post to our blog. Now, we can write posts in advance and schedule the date and time in the future for each of them to post to our blog!Here's how Blogger explains their new Continue Reading