Top 10 Tips When Teaching Your Children Water Safety

Swimming Kids

For many children, playing in the water is a frequent, enjoyable diversion. Whether at the beach or the community pool, swimming is a great way to keep children healthy and happy. However, this common pastime is not without its own concerns – without precaution, this pleasant activity can turn into a completely different scenario. When it comes to children, safety is of the utmost importance. The following are several tips on how to teach your children to be safe around water, so they can enjoy it for years to come:   1. Learn to Swim While this may seem obvious, there are a fair Continue Reading

How to be an On-The-Go Diaper Pro

Going out and about with your baby can be a handful, but it doesn't need to be stressful. If you know what most combat tested mom's know, changing a diaper on-the-go can be quick and easy. Packing Up When Traveling   Whether you're going away for the whole weekend or just visiting the park for an hour, there is always one baby care essential that every parent should carry: diapers. It's pretty much impossible to go anywhere without them. But how many diapers should you carry with you? It all depends on how long the trip will be. It's recommended to carry at least two to three diapers Continue Reading

What To Look For When Choosing Furniture For Your Baby

Expecting a baby can be one of the most exciting experiences of a a parent's life. Plenty of preparation must be made before baby's arrival that include everything from choosing the right name to buying the best baby clothes and baby supplies. One of the most important preparations that must be made before baby is born is buying practical, yet cute, baby furniture. If you are an expectant parent and you want to know what to look for when buying baby furniture, the following information will help you decorate your baby's nursery with safe and useful furniture.   1. Crib The crib is Continue Reading

Tips for Choosing the Right Baby Soap for Your Baby

Congratulations on becoming a mommy or daddy! You're likely experiencing one of the most exciting times of your life right now. However, along with the joy come the fears. You worry which food to feed your little one, which toys are the safest for him or her, and if you're kind of worrisome, which is the best soap for gentle baby skin. How can you choose the correct soap with which to bathe your baby? Well here's what you need to know. Don't stress about being a worrywart - all good parents are!   Allergies Allergies are a huge concern when selecting any product for little ones. You Continue Reading

Having Birthday Parties when your Child has Special Needs

Baby Party Event

When a child is disabled, we tend to think that the stimulation will be too much for them or that the effort isn’t worth the hassle….And who would come, anyway? Well, I can’t imagine that no one would show up if you invited them to attend. Often times, special needs children are extremely important to friends and family and they enjoy being included in your party plans. There are a few things to think about when coming up with a plan.   Guests: If you know that large crowds upset your child, invite only the closest friends and family to keep it more of an intimate occasion. Start Continue Reading

5 Things to Consider Investing In for Your New Baby

Baby is coming soon, and it’s time to stock up on necessities for your new little one. As you’ll quickly find out as a new mother (if you haven’t already), a lot of what makes an item “necessary” entirely depends on your parenting style and your baby. When selecting items for baby, count the cost; consider your budget, do your research, and ask parents who have a similar lifestyle what they find most useful. Budget for necessities first. You’ll want some onesies, some diapers and wipes, some sleepers, some blankets, some way to carry your baby… While other resources can provide rough Continue Reading

Looking For Baby Photos!!!!!


We love baby photos here at baby blog addict! And now we are creating a page(s) that not only will show amazing baby pictures from around the United States, we will be categorizing them by state to help out our photographer friends!   Help Is Needed!! We are currently looking for any photographers that want to show their work on our baby blog. Please email us at babyblogaddict[at] 1. With the pictures you want listed (3 is the max) 2. With the state and city 3. Your website   What If I Am Not a Photographer We will also be taking these photos! But we Continue Reading

Guest Post: 7 Tips for Healthy Baby Sleep Habits

New parents aren't easy to spot out in public. Bags under the eyes, vacant expressions, and a generally shabby appearance reflect one of the most stressful parts of having a baby in the house: sleep deprivation. There's no avoiding it for the first few months. After that, however, establishing healthy baby sleep habits can make a world of difference. Here are seven tips to get you started.   1. Establish a bedtime routine A regular routine that you follow every night will prepare your little one, both mentally and physically, to go to sleep at night. They have the added benefit of Continue Reading

The Royal Treatment: Planning a Princess-Themed Baby Shower

Every mommy-to-be wants to treat their newborn daughter like a princess, so why not throw a baby shower fit for royalty? A new mother, family and friends can follow a princess theme to create decorations, provide party favors and make tasty snacks for the special event. The princess theme of the baby shower offers the opportunity to enjoy reminiscing over the dreams of childhood and providing girl time for the mother-to-be with friends and family. Consider Princess Themed Favors The baby shower favors are provided to every guest at the event. The best baby shower favors for a princess themed Continue Reading

Exercises You Can Do With Your Baby

Many young mothers get stressed about getting back in shape soon after delivery, and quickly. The postpartum period is important for young moms to bond with their babies and to allow some time to strengthen and heal the muscles. Taking care of newborns hardly leaves any time for workouts. The only solution is to make the baby a partner in all the exercises. This will turn out to be a fun filled activity which both the mom and baby can enjoy. 1. Walking is an excellent exercise to start with, and it can be done as early as six weeks after a normal delivery. Walk at a slow pace with baby Continue Reading