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Loss Of Libido? Get It Back!


You love your partner. You are just exhausted by the end of the day and sex is the last thing on your mind. You almost dread going to bed because you know they will want sex. Your thighs are fat and you do not like your body. It is not your partner. You could just care less. The problem is not that you don‘t enjoy the sex once it gets going…it is the getting it going to start with that is the problem. I don’t want to ignore the fact that there definitely could be some hormonal/physical/psychological things going on. See your health care provider and discuss this with them. I also don’t Continue Reading

10 Things Pregnant Women Should Know

***Originally Posted On OBGYN Gal*** 1.) Foods During pregnancy do not eat unpasteurized foods (cheeses and dairy products).  Do not eat raw fish or meats.  Reheat deli or processed meat before you eat them. 2.) Flu Shots The CDC recommends pregnant women should get a flu shot. During pregnancy, a woman's immune system is weakened and she becomes more susceptible to viruses and infections. 3.) Exercise Exercise is alright for most healthy pregnant  women. Check with your health care provider before starting any exercise during your pregnancy.  For most healthy, pregnant women Continue Reading