About Amy

I am a mother, a wife, and a registered nurse (and hoping to add professional photographer to that list). In my downtime I do my best to stay active and healthy in mind, body and spirit. At times ‘my best’ is getting the job done and at times ‘my best’ falls short, but I recognize that ‘my best’ is all that I can do! Blogging is my way of expressing my insecurities, my personal growth, and my sense of humor by hopefully making a connection with others. My mother is Beth the “OBGYN gal” and my personal source of inspiration.

I Peed In My Pampers


I awoke on the morning of Feb. 24th experiencing a familiar sensation..."Braxton Hicks" contractions (false labor contractions).  These contractions were occasionally mildly painful although usually more annoying than anything.  I had been having these contractions since I began the third trimester and was fully aware that they pretty much meant, well....nothing.  I can honestly say that the past few weeks had been filled with many false alarms so I was not about to panic about them this time. Anthony and I had been planning a quick trip to Phoenix for the weekend to do dinner with the Continue Reading

10 Things I Did When My Baby Was Crying

As my family and friends know my daughter is now close to 4 years old. At this age the tears still exist, but usually for different reasons than as infancy. But, when I reflect on the earlier days of motherhood, and try to give my friends with new babies advice I look back at the 10 things I liked to do when she was crying. 1. Search baby for any major injuries (any body part bruised, bloody or absent are definite signs of trauma). 2. Troubleshoot: feed baby, burp baby, and change baby diaper. 3. Inspect baby thermoregulation system (too many blankets, not enough blankets) then Continue Reading

How Can Poop Land In Your Eyeball?


I haven't slept in two weeks. It has really been challenging. I think that being a new parent has been the hardest thing I have ever done. Wait, scratch that, I know it is the hardest thing I have ever done. "She is crying again." All the people who meet her tell me how she is such a quiet baby. They tell me how lucky I am because I have such a quiet baby. I am not sure if they are lying to me, or if babies really do cry much more than she does. If so it is a wonder that people have more than one. Tonight has been especially difficult. Anthony is at work. He works for three days in a row Continue Reading