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If you’re here, there is a reason. You are a baby blog addict. It’s nothing to be ashamed of; there are tens of thousands of people just like you.

It starts innocently enough: you’re on the computer, the kids are in bed and it’s late. You click on your sister’s blog to read about your niece taking her first steps, but before you know it you’ve clicked through to another blog…and another and another and another. Now it’s two hours later and you’ve read an entire blog about a family you’ve never met. You don’t know the mother, but you know she tried for a long time to get pregnant, dealt with infertility issues and eventually had twins! You cried, you laughed and were moved.

Somewhere along the way, you became addicted to baby blogs. Don’t worry. You’re not alone. And we’re fueling the addiction.

– Beth, Ed, Ali, Amy, Dana and Andrew

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Dana Stannard

I’m a wife, mother and stay-at-home mom for my three crazy kiddos. In my former life I was a Food Scientist and Product Developer for The Coca-Cola Company. I quit to stay at home and spend more time with my kids. Once that happened, I realized I needed an outlet for my creativity so I started an embroidery business out of my home. In my downtime (what’s that???) I love to cook, garden and read. I started blogging as a way to connect with other parents, share stories, find some humor in life and a new outlet for my creativity.

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Alison Pritchett

I’m a working wife, about to become a mother for the first time. Career has always been number one in my life, but everything’s about to change. I look forward to sharing some survival tips for working moms in Corporate America as I stop with the 60 hour work weeks. Until then, I enjoy sharing my story about my pregnancy, and soon … life with a newborn!

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Amy Tunis

I am a mother, a wife, and a registered nurse (and hoping to add professional photographer to that list). In my downtime I do my best to stay active and healthy in mind, body and spirit. At times ‘my best’ is getting the job done and at times ‘my best’ falls short, but I recognize that ‘my best’ is all that I can do! Blogging is my way of expressing my insecurities, my personal growth, and my sense of humor by hopefully making a connection with others. My mother is Beth the “OBGYN Gal” and my personal source of inspiration.

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