How to Take Your Kids to a Public Restroom Safely

We have all had those times where we have been out and about and suddenly our child has to go potty – now! We rush to find the restroom only to screech to a stop in horror at the scene that lies before us. Is there anything more disgusting than a public restroom? Dads if you are on your own then you have it even worse. Desperate times call for desperate measures however so here are some tips to make it through without losing your lunch:

  1. Family Restrooms – Thankfully businesses are starting to get it when it comes to having kids. Family restrooms are usually one large restroom where you and your child can get everything done without parading in front of a crowd. This is also great news for dads of little girls. Instead of marching through the men’s room with your hand in front of her eyes you can calmly shut a door and have privacy while you hyperventilate.
  2. Cover Up – Toilet seat covers are usually available, but when you have a kid that can quickly become one more step in a rush to reach the potty in time. Instead, make up your own with layer of toilet paper. Fast, easy and efficient, these covers work just as well to get your kid safely seated. Stay close however as most public toilets are too large for some kids to stay perched safely.
  3. No Touch Zone – Make sure you cover proper public bathroom behavior before it becomes an emergency. Teach your kids not to touch anything in the bathroom and never, ever stick their hands in their mouths or eyes until they have been washed. If your child is of the right age this can be a perfect opportunity to talk about germs and sickness.
  4. Wash Up – After you are through with the potty, make sure you teach your child to wash their hands thoroughly. You may have to lift the little one up to reach the faucet and soap but this essential task should not be overlooked. Other methods of quick clean up include sanitizing wipes and liquid, but soap and water works best.
  5. Departure Proceedings – Last things first or first things last, always try to make it a habit to get your kids to go potty before they leave the house. This will cut down the amount of time you spend in public restrooms and your stress level. If you are always running late or in a hurry try to set aside a few minutes for this essential task. It is well worth the effort.

These are just a few tips to help keep you and your child happy and healthy even after a visit to the public restroom. It doesn’t have to be a scarring experience as long as you keep little hands and rears clean.

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