Preparing for Baby: Family Safety Essentials for the Home

No matter how prepared you think you are as a parent, your children are going to get injured at some point. Every four seconds in the U.S., a child is treated for injury in an emergency room, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). When you think babyproofing, images of electrical outlet covers and plastic cabinet latches probably spring to mind, but that’s not all that you need to do to prepare your home to be a safe environment for your baby.

Always Turn Off the Baby Monitor When Not in Use

Think it’s no big deal to leave the baby monitor on when you’re not at home or just not using it? Think again. According to the babyproofing experts on, your high-tech monitor can easily be hacked into by burglars targeting your home. They can easily listen in to hear your latest weekend plans and determine your schedule and then break in when they know you won’t be home. By turning the monitor off when you aren’t using it to actually monitor your baby, you can prevent this. For added protection, install a LifeShield home alarm system with professional monitoring.

Use Gates to Blockade Off-Limit Areas

If you have a newborn or your little one is barely able to roll over, this tip may seem like it doesn’t apply to you. But your little one will be scooting around the house before you know it, so it’s best to be prepared. Consider how many rooms you want to keep off-limits to the baby and determine how many baby gates you need. Starting at around $20 and going up to $160, this can be a costly investment if you have a lot of off-limits areas in your home. To help stick to your budget, start looking for baby gates a few months in advance so you have a better chance of finding them on sale or at a resale shop.

Anchor TV’s & Furniture In Place

According to, 13,000 children are injured each year as a result of television and furniture tip overs. To prevent a deadly tip over accident, anchor all televisions in your home firmly to the wall. If mounting your flat-screen to the wall isn’t an option, add safety straps to the back of it to hold it upright and prevent it from falling on your child. Additionally, it’s imperative to anchor any furniture with drawers or shelving to the wall. Curious little ones could pull out the drawers and try to climb them, putting them at risk for the piece of furniture to topple over and crush them.

Install High Latches on Exterior Doors

Add latches to the top of all exterior doors in your home. Once your child learns how to open the doors, this will prevent them from going outside unattended. As an added bonus, this is also an extra layer of security to protect your home from intruders.

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