Tips for Healthy Weight Loss Meal Planning

A calorie controlled diet comprising of healthy foods is necessary to lose weight. There should be enough of proteins, good fats, nutrients and minerals. Though on paper it looks pretty good, in real life it is not that easy. There are some people who know how to eat right to lose weight but it is not possible for every one to have a personal dietician and prepare dishes accordingly. Most of us fail on a specified diet because food preparation and planning takes a lot of time and effort. If you miss one of the meals you have a tendency to have a burger in the nearest cafe or just munch on a bag of chips. In other words, your diet plan is totally messed up. You need to plan and organize properly to have a weight loss meal plan going right for you. To make your job easier and to increase your chances of success here are a few tips on weight loss meal planning –

1) Write a Weekly Menu

Sit down on any day of the week and write the menu for the whole week. You may keep the same menu for consecutive 2 – 3 weeks but you need to write it down at least. This meal plan can be a bit flexible because you never know what fruits and vegetables that local store will have. It is always advisable to write the menu at least a day before you go to the store.

2) Find Healthy Dining Places

Sometimes you may not have any time in hand to cook food or even small snacks. But do not alter your diet plan in such circumstances; just make a list of the restaurants that offer diet-friendly dishes. Usually the steak restaurants and the Italian food joints serve healthy meals but you might not know that even food from fast-food restaurants can be quite healthy. You can have a grilled chicken salad or have a burger without the fries and the bun.

3) Shop Smart

The trick is to shop on the same day and at the same time each day of the week. This will become a habit and you will have a steady supply of dieting foods. You should have a list of items ready that you need to buy from the store so that you do not pick up anything that catches your fancy.

4) Make Extra

When you are making a meal for the evening you can actually make a little bit extra. You can use the extra food for lunch the next day. You can freeze the extra food and store them in small boxes to take to take to office the next day. You may also keep healthy pre-cooked dished in the freezer and microwave it just before your meal time.

5) Learn to Cook

Cooking weight loss meals is not a problem at all; in fact, it is fairly easy. You must learn to prepare a few simple meals so that you can follow your diet plan fairly easily. There are some easy foods you can make like soups, omelets, curries and stews. You can also sign up for a weekend cookery course in case you are still not sure on how to cook certain meals.

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