The Realities of Parenting

With parenthood life around you simply changes. This include physically, mentally, emotionally, financially and spiritually. No matter how you look at it, parenting turns out to be both interesting and challenging for all the parents. As parents, you are supposed to device some of the best strategies for their better upbringing. At the same time you would see your child’s needs changing over the span of time from infancy to teenage and finally to adulthood. There are some universal truths, which you need to keep in mind while you tread on the path of parenthood. Let’s check some of the realities of parenting.


Parenting is a lonely activity

Once you become a parent and settle down with the excitement and buzz of your baby, make sure you prepare yourself to feel alone. Parenting is a lonely activity not only when your child is small but also when he or she grows to the teenage and adulthood. You will see everyone including your best friends and family busy in their lives giving a feeling that you are only the one person remaining in this world. Though this is a reality but make sure you do not take things otherwise since it is going to hamper your parenting activities. Instead prepare yourself for this reality and stand up and move on in your parenting path.


Every moment you live is important

As parent, all your time would be spent around your children. You will try to grab and treasure some moments for yourself and your partner from somewhere or the other. But the fact is every second which passes with children around seems pretty important. Right from taking your kids to ballet, moving with them in a park, making some stuff together or taking them to any indoor play zone, every single moment you spare with them is important and turns out to be a big reality of your life.


Every other day is different

The moment you turn parents, everything just changes since you see your child growing, developing and changing. You could call this as a consistent guessing game for you (parents). Hence you need to prepare yourself for this reality so that you can adapt the situation and avoid being too harsh on yourself. Soon you are going to discover what works the best for your kid.


Prepare yourself to feel grossly inept

This is called as the most challenging parenting reality. Regardless of the amount of books you have read in the past, parenting is certainly not an easy nut to crack. At many junctures, you would certainly feel inept and helpless, but that’s okay, you need to be honest enough to accept this reality, which everyone feels, and faces one day or the other.


No one is perfect in this world

When it comes to parenting you have one big reality in this important aspect of life- no one is perfect in this entire world. So, instead of worrying to become a perfect parent, take a good deep breath and simply try to look at the beauty in the imperfection things.


Don’t compare

In parenting, you are not supposed to compare yourself to other parents or your child with any other kids. Every child and family is different. However, it is really very difficult to avoid the business of comparison as you could find these things happening at different blogs, chat rooms and social media platforms. It becomes challenging to ignore these things. But one thing to remember at such places is that people simply post and share what they feel and like and that you know just half the truth and always the positive side. They may boast about a couple of good things but they simply do not share the other negative things which they often face in their daily chores.


Final word

There are countless of such parenting realities in this world which could be talked about. Knowing these realities would certainly help you in overcoming them. All you need is a competent strategy to live with these realities along with giving the best upbringing of your children.


Author Bio: Kate is a writer blogger. She loves writing, traveling and reading books.  She contributes to A Forever Recovery Staff

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