Transitioning to Toddler: Creatively Converting Your Baby’s Bedroom

Coming to terms with your baby’s transition into the toddler phase is stressful, emotional and sometimes overwhelming. Changing their bedroom to fit their growing and ever-changing needs can help to make that transition easier on them and you. The time you should make the switch from crib to bed is different for every child but when you do there are other changes your can make to your toddler’s room to accommodate their age and requirements.

Baby Beds

Once your child has outgrown the crib you have to make a bed choice that suits their age and how fast they’re growing. Some cribs transform into a toddler bed with a rail but these can sometimes be small and might not match the new theme of the room. We suggest a low-to-the-ground twin bed, you can even take the box spring off at first to make it easy for your toddler to climb on. When they’re still very young, some sort of railing or guard is a good idea to keep them from rolling off the bed. Make sure whatever rail guard you buy is designed for the bed you choose. Some guard rails are suitable for regular beds but if you have a toddler bed they are unsafe to use. Toddler beds use crib mattresses that aren’t heavy enough to hold down some rails.

Children’s Room Windows

You want the windows in your child’s room to be practical and functional. Hanging blinds or solar shades is a good choice to let in light during the day when your kids are playing, and cancels out light when they’re napping. The windows don’t have to be boring, though. Utilize the space by adding a window seat or toy chest. gave some great examples of fun window top treatments that can bring a toddler’s room some fun flare. A solar system for a boys room or an elaborate cushioned treatment for a girl’s room. If you’re crafty, you can make these yourself to match the theme of the room.

The Right Colors for Your Baby

Most nurseries are painted and decorated in pastels, neutrals or other soft, calming colors. When your child grows into a toddler, they become more playful and as you get to know their personality you can decorate their room to suit them. Bright colors are good for toddlers’ rooms but you don’t want to overdo it or make it look like a box of Crayolas. Pick a fun color scheme that contrast but also compliment each other. suggests using tangerine orange, sky blue and grassy green. These colors are suitable for a boy’s room or a girl’s room and are bright and fun without being overpowering. Stick with three or four colors in your toddler’s room to give a put-together look.

Boxes, Baskets & Crates

You need to have clearly labeled organization boxes, crates or baskets that your child can understand. Keep storage low to the ground so they can help clean up and get into the habit of picking up after they play with toys. Only allow children to take out a certain number of toys at a time to avoid a colossal mess. Limiting the number of toys they play with at once also keeps them from getting overwhelmed or over-stimulated. Invest in a child-size desk or small table for coloring and other projects. Keeping all of their crayons, paper and crafts in one place will make it easy to clean up and accessible for them when they’re feeling creative.

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