A Toddler Moms Most-Loved Smart Phone Apps

The mother’s little helper collection of mobile tools

Yesterday, I had planned out a trip to the mall to get a birthday gift for my mother. However, my two year old son had a completely different plan—one that involved refusing to eat, refusing to use the potty before leaving home, crying over getting dressed, and a temper tantrum over a toy at the mall. When it came down to it, my plan for a quick trip to the mall ended up as a 4-hour nightmare thanks to a cranky, crying, uncooperative little boy.

Mind you that’s frustration talking. Life as the mom of a toddler can be so rewarded. However, it can also be extremely trying at times. Who am I kidding? Most of the time! I know better than to attempt any sort of public excursion when my son is cranky. That’s why I used to bring along an arsenal of snacks, toys, and textural pacifiers like blankets to get us through the trip. But lately, things have changed due to my smart phone. Yes, my mobile phone, and better yet, some apps that I’ve downloaded to help me parent are arming me with the mobile resources that I need to get some cooperation from my little guy.

Trust me; the following four tools are my “mother’s little helpers”. They’re far better than cookies, toys, coloring books, or bargaining could ever be…here are a toddler mom’s most-loved smart phone apps:

1. Toddler Lock (Free – for Android)

The Toddler Lock app is a must if you love your smart phone almost as much as you do your child (I’m kidding, of course). This tool ensures that your child is entertained while you’re smart phone is safe. This app is really a smart phone locking software created for Android powered phones. It locks out your other applications while it keeps your toddler visually stimulated and soothed by an array of colorful shapes and gentle sounds. An alternate view even features a blank canvas (like an Etch-a-sketch) that you child can use to drawn on via the touching the screen, while your other phone functions are locked down so they can’t call long distance to Japan.

2. Have2P Restroom Locator (Free – for iPhone)

If you have a toddler, you know that as soon as you leave home, even though you asked and begged them before you left, that they will need to use the potty. Well the Have2P app is your emergency lifesaver, a resource that will pin point the nearest restroom in the area and direct you to it via an interactive on screen map. And you’ll also get a rating system as far as washroom cleanliness and extra amenities (i.e., like change tables).

3. Remember the Milk (Free – for Android & iPhone)

If you’re a toddler parent like me, you have mom brain, don’t even try to make excuses for yourself! It’s alright though thanks to the Remember the Milk app, you won’t ever forget to pick up diapers, that pediatrician appointment, or to literally stop off for milk on the way home from work. You have to love an app that keeps you organized when you have a million and one things on the go! Plus, the great thing about this app is that my husband and I can coordinate errands via our T-mobile used cell phones so we don’t overlap in tasks or runs to the market.

4. White Noise Baby ($0.99 – for iPhone)

When its naptime according to mom, but toddler has other ideas, you can count on the White Noise Baby app to help you sooth a rambunctious little girl or boy. I use it even when I’m running errands. I just turn on the white noise app when I’m on the run, and the app runs through a variety of relaxing sounds that will lull baby to snooze.

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