How to be an On-The-Go Diaper Pro

Going out and about with your baby can be a handful, but it doesn’t need to be stressful. If you know what most combat tested mom’s know, changing a diaper on-the-go can be quick and easy.

Packing Up When Traveling


Whether you’re going away for the whole weekend or just visiting the park for an hour, there is always one baby care essential that every parent should carry: diapers. It’s pretty much impossible to go anywhere without them. But how many diapers should you carry with you? It all depends on how long the trip will be. It’s recommended to carry at least two to three diapers for one afternoon out, but as many as dozen if you’re planning on staying out overnight.


There are other essentials to bring along in the diaper bag, but the bare minimum is:


Baby Wipes:

Make sure that you always have baby wipes. These are essentials components of diapering on the go. There are special travel pack size wipes available too. Not only do wipes make changing a dirty diaper that much easier, but they’re also very handy for mess faces as well.


Changing Pad:

Bringing a portable changing pad is always a big help. After all, when you’re traveling around and you don’t know where you may end up needing to diaper baby at. In all reality, only a few diapers and maybe a baby blanket or towel are all you really need, a diaper bag with a changing pad built-in is super handy. There are also disposable pads that are available. These are similar to those paper sheets you see at the dentist’s or doctor’s office. If you do end up forgetting to bring a changing pad, then you can always try improvising with paper towels.



Bringing a plastic bag to store those dirty diapers, used baby wipes and disposable changing pads can be very useful for obvious reasons. Many parents will suggest tucking away a couple plastic grocery bags along with the diapers and wipes while heading out. They’re also practical because they don’t tend to take up much room when storing them with other baby essentials. On top of all that, plastic bags are wonderful to control mess and odor while out in public.

Change of Clothes:

Nobody is perfect and neither are your diapers. When accidents happen a backup set of clothes can really save the day.


Diapering in Public


In a perfect world there would always be public bathrooms in every building. Actually, in a perfect world there wouldn’t be any need for bathrooms. But we live in the real world,and unfortunately not every place has a public bathroom. On top of that, not every public restroom actually has a baby changing station. When it comes down to it, how do parents manage changing their little ones in public?


Changing Table:

Most parents will have to settle for a changing table in a public bathroom that is less-than-sanitary – . which is why we put that changing pad onto the essential list. It can protect your baby’s sensitive skin from harmful bacteria


Car Seat or Stroller:

Sometimes we need to improvise in life and changing diapers is no exception. When it comes to diapering baby, it may not be the easiest or quickest way to get the job done but using a car seat or stroller does in fact, get the job done. Fold it flat, pass a toy, plug your nose and get to work.



Again with the improvising. If you do not have a public bathroom with a changing table available, or a car seat or stroller on hand, then it’s time to get creative. Parents should make use of a flat area that is safe. For example, you can use your car’s trunk in order to change your baby. This may sound weird, but does work, and it’s safe. There is no risk of the baby falling out because that’s impossible, and because no one actually walks or sits in your trunk, it’s relatively clean. Plus you can make even more use of it by setting your stuff down in it while you diaper baby.


When it comes to changing your baby on the go, don’t be embarrassed, find a quiet, safe place for baby and you. Also keep in mind that the process won’t disturb others around you. Now that you’ve read this, congratulations! Your are now one step closer to becoming an on the go diaper pro.


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