Tips for Choosing the Right Baby Soap for Your Baby

Congratulations on becoming a mommy or daddy! You’re likely experiencing one of the most exciting times of your life right now. However, along with the joy come the fears. You worry which food to feed your little one, which toys are the safest for him or her, and if you’re kind of worrisome, which is the best soap for gentle baby skin. How can you choose the correct soap with which to bathe your baby? Well here’s what you need to know. Don’t stress about being a worrywart – all good parents are!



Allergies are a huge concern when selecting any product for little ones. You might have an allergist conduct tests on your baby to check for any allergens. However, the baby might be too young or the tests might not be able to check for everything. Therefore, you’ll need to read the ingredients carefully. Additionally, do a test before completely washing your baby. Use the soap on a small area, and be sure no reaction occurs.


Sensitive Eyes

Another problem that parents often encounter is when soap drips into the baby’s eyes, and the baby starts to scream. When this happens constantly, the baby might never want to take a bath and start crying at the mere sight of a tub! Therefore, choose a formula that specifically promises to avoid making your little one’s eyes tear up. If these products are out of the budget, look for ones that have similar ingredients.


Formulated for Baby

Clearly, the skin of a baby is much more sensitive than the skin of an adult. The younger the baby is, the more true this may be. Therefore, do not just grab the old bar soap you’ve been using forever and use it to scrub your little one. Head to the store to see what the establishment has to offer in terms of baby soaps. Likely, you’ll find a wide array of options. Additionally, keep any skin issues that your baby has in mind. These can further limit the types of soaps you can purchase, and you’ll have to be even more aware of all the ingredients.


Ask the Doctors

Unless you work in the medical field yourself, you shouldn’t be prescribing medical advice for your baby. Before you leave the hospital upon giving birth, ask your doctor if he or she recommends any specific type of soap. You could even request a list of soaps that have been recommended for baby’s skin. As your baby grows up, the type of soap that is best for him or her can certainly change. Be aware at all stages of development, and update your soaps as your doctor advises. Remember, whenever you are in doubt, you can visit the pediatrician for some extra peace of mind and professional answers.


If you’re lucky, your baby will absolutely love the bath. He or she might enjoy cooling down on a hot day or just splashing around in the tub. However, in the event that your little one is not a major fan of bath time, at least you can be assured that the soap you are using is safe for gentle skin – if all else fails, try Google!


Ashley White writes about health, parenting & more at Health Insurance Quotes

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