5 Things to Consider Investing In for Your New Baby

Baby is coming soon, and it’s time to stock up on necessities for your new little one. As you’ll quickly find out as a new mother (if you haven’t already), a lot of what makes an item “necessary” entirely depends on your parenting style and your baby. When selecting items for baby, count the cost; consider your budget, do your research, and ask parents who have a similar lifestyle what they find most useful. Budget for necessities first. You’ll want some onesies, some diapers and wipes, some sleepers, some blankets, some way to carry your baby… While other resources can provide rough guidelines for what you need, ultimately the numbers depend on the preference of you and your baby. That said, these are a few things that several moms found it worthwhile to invest in that you might consider as you prepare to welcome a new little soul into your home.

1. Baby carrier and/or stroller:

Many moms rely heavily on one or the other; the Moby wrap is a popular choice if you choose to wear your baby. Baby wearing is an ancient practice that provides many benefits, including increased security for your infant and better bonding between mother and child. If you choose to use a stroller, it may be worth investing in a model that will be easy to fold up and put down and sturdy enough to last if you plan to have more than one child.

2. Car seat:

Nowadays you can’t go home from the hospital without an approved car seat for your newborn. Choose a sturdy rear-facing car seat with wide, adjustable harness straps that will fit snugly in your vehicle’s back seat. If you choose to buy a used seat, make sure the labels with the model number are intact and check carefully for any signs of damage (cracked plastic, frayed straps) that may compromise the safety of your child. A good quality car seat can be used for subsequent children, saving you money in the long run.

3. BPA-free bottles:

There is some concern by the National Toxicology Program at the Department of Health and Human Services about the effects of BPA (bisphenol A), a chemical found in many plastics, on infants in particular. If you share this concern, you may want to look for baby bottles that are clearly labeled “BPA Free.”

4. A flip-lid garbage can:

Forget the fancy diaper pails that end up costing an arm and a leg for new liners and get really stinky despite their “odor-free” ad campaign. Basically, you’ll want a garbage can that is easy to open with one foot and easy to empty, because you’ll have to take out the liner on a fairly regular basis. Placing diapers in plastic grocery bags before putting them into the pail is a cheap, easy way to cut down on odor.

5. Special occasion clothing:

If your family is religious, you may consider investing in quality special occasion clothing, such as a christening gown. High-quality clothing items are more likely to stand the test of time and be passed down as heirlooms through the generations.
Like I said before, keep in mind that “mother knows best,” and you’ll have to consider your own preferences and lifestyle for what is essential or not, because it varies widely from family to family. Let’s face it—some things you just have to figure out for yourself. However, in all the articles I read, moms generally agreed that that $300 bedding set with scratchy sheets and suffocating-hazard crib bumper pad truly was entirely unnecessary.

Rebecca Jensen is a blogger and freelance writer who loves writing about sewing, baby fashion, faith, and preserving memories. She currently writes for the handmade christening gown christening gown supplier christeninggowns.com.

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