The Royal Treatment: Planning a Princess-Themed Baby Shower

Every mommy-to-be wants to treat their newborn daughter like a princess, so why not throw a baby shower fit for royalty? A new mother, family and friends can follow a princess theme to create decorations, provide party favors and make tasty snacks for the special event. The princess theme of the baby shower offers the opportunity to enjoy reminiscing over the dreams of childhood and providing girl time for the mother-to-be with friends and family.

Consider Princess Themed Favors

The baby shower favors are provided to every guest at the event. The best baby shower favors for a princess themed event are based on favorite tales or the idea of a crown. According to Shannon Wilson on Yahoo Voices, the princess theme is a simple party idea that carries over to the favors.

Shannon Wilson suggests baby shower favors that have princess crowns on the packaging or are based around the theme of a princess. Favors for the princess themed shower can have pink and white candles, crown-shaped soaps or candies that are wrapped in pink with a princess crown.

Select a Favorite Princess Tale

Decorating for a baby shower can always start with inspiration from the new mother’s favorite fairy tale princess. The Riherd Family Blog provides an excellent example of using the inspiration from a favorite princess tale. According to the blog, the frilly and feminine party based on the tale of the “Princess and the Pea” provided inspiration for decorative pieces, snacks and other party elements.

Picking out specific tale will add decorative ideas and game inspiration to make the party interesting. Using the new mother’s favorite tale will connect the future birth of a little girl to the past of a favorite childhood tale.

Provide Competitive Games

A simple game idea for the event is avoiding the word “baby” in conversation. According to Christi B, the game provides a flower or similar object that is pinned to the shirt of every guest. When a guest says the word “baby,” other guests can take away the item. The winner of the game gathers the most pins and is given a prize.

Princess board games or an obstacle course to save the princess baby doll can also provide excellent entertainment throughout the party. The winner of the game receives a princess themed prize and every guest is able to enjoy watching or participating in the activity.

Add a Wishing Tree

A wishing tree is a decorative piece, a simple tradition and a great tie to the theme of a princess. In many fairy tales, the princess is a dreamer who makes wishes. As a result, the wishing tree ties into the theme of a fairy tale. According to Christi B. on P is for Party, a wishing tree adds a sweet touch to the party. Guests at the party are provided a piece of paper or a tag to tie to the tree with their wishes for the new baby girl. They can write any wish and then tie it to the tree.

For an interesting decorative element, painting tree branches pink and adding sweet creatures that are associated with princesses like birds or butterflies to the tree is appropriate. The wishing tree is as much about the well-wishes of loved ones to the baby as the decorative features.


Annie Raines Annie studied retail and hospitality management and now writes fashion pieces for blogs and forums. In her down time, she volunteers at a local food bank.

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