Exercises You Can Do With Your Baby

Many young mothers get stressed about getting back in shape soon after delivery, and quickly. The postpartum period is important for young moms to bond with their babies and to allow some time to strengthen and heal the muscles. Taking care of newborns hardly leaves any time for workouts. The only solution is to make the baby a partner in all the exercises. This will turn out to be a fun filled activity which both the mom and baby can enjoy.

1. Walking is an excellent exercise to start with, and it can be done as early as six weeks after a normal delivery. Walk at a slow pace with baby secured to a sling, carrier or stroller. The fresh air is an amazing tonic for both the mom and the baby.

2. Crunches help the abdominal muscles. Lie down on a carpet with knees bent and legs slightly apart. Feet should be placed flat on the carpet. Put the baby lying down or in a propped up position on your stomach. Slowly lift your head and shoulders. Hold for a second or two and go back to the original position. Do two sets of about twenty times but don’t tire or fatigue yourself. It is fun for the baby to see your face looming large and then fading away.

3. Do gentle stretches and deep breathing for a few minutes every day while baby sleeps. Work can wait, as a few minutes devoted to gentle exercises is both relaxing and helpful for the muscles to tone up.

4. Squats are great for the legs and abdominal muscles. Strap your baby in front. Keep your legs straight, with a gap of a little more than your hips width. Slowly lower your backside as far as you can and come back to your standing position. Do this twelve times and attempt two sets.

5. Massaging is excellent for soothing tired muscles for mom and, nourishing for growing babies. Use mild, herbal oils to massage baby’s limbs and yours of course. Babies also enjoy this and sleep well too.

6. Pilates is recommended for babies four months old or more. It is a safe way to relieve joint pains and aching limbs. Pilates also improve flexibility and strength.

7. Yoga is great for good posture, agility, muscle tone and balancing the body’s metabolism. The stretching and deep breathing does wonders for baby’s growing mental and physical strength.

8. The best exercise however, is to simply tumble and dance with the baby to rhythmic beats of music. This is more enjoyable and stimulating for both, than mechanically doing routine exercises to a mere count of numbers. Music is known to improve the baby’s mental faculties and cognitive skills which form the foundation for other learning skills.

But remember that whatever be the workout you choose, be sure to keep a firm grasp on the baby, especially infants as their heads are not fixed firmly yet. Also not to fatigue or tire yourself unduly as the muscles and joints are loose and tender for two or three months after delivery.

About the author: Kate is a blogger by profession. She is a big fan of Lilly Allen and loves her various supports to numerous charities and wishes to contribute and work for charitable organization in her free time.

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