Lose the Baby Weight with a Stroller

Walking is always considered a great exercise to lose weight. And when there is an inclusion of stroller, results can be achieved in a faster and quicker way. After the first postpartum, the body may well become flabby and curvier. It can be frustrating to stare at the overweight body while standing in front of a mirror. However, this is a very common issue which can be handled through different procedures. Hitting the gym is probably the most common of all. But the question is: How many women can able to manage to hit the gym on a regular or more frequent basis? Women need to look after their family. This in itself is a daunting and tough task. Extra attention is required for the newborn. Without a proper nanny, it will also become difficult to leave the toddler and head for the gaming session. But overweight is eating up on the mind. What to do?


Taking the baby for a ride in a stroller can be one fine way to shed some weights. Walking is always considered effective for losing weight and strengthening the muscles. And walking with a stroller helps in serving two things. The baby enjoys a beautiful outdoor ride in company of his/her mother. And the mom gets the necessary workout done which is much essential to shed the flab and get in shape.


The new moms need to wait 6 to 8 weeks before taking the baby out for a stroller ride. In fact, this particular time gap allows the mom to recover after delivery. Before starting this exercise, a proper Gynecologist should be consulted. In fact, post-delivery checkups are a must. During the first checkup, mom can ask about the exercise and when to start it. A gynecologist will first check the condition of mom. Accordingly, she will be advised regarding the start of this exercise.


Mothers who are in their baby breastfeeding stage should take proper care of their heath before opting for this exercise. They should consume proper food to continue the generation of milk in the mammary region. Also, a healthy diet will provide the necessary strength required for walking with a stroller. Remember, to burn a good amount of calorie, the mom needs to walk pretty fast while pushing the stroller. Walking duration should be for a minimum of 45 minutes. It can extend to a maximum 60-75 minutes. If continued this process on a regular basis for 10 days, then it will surely shed some flab from the body. With proper burning of calories, the body weight will also drop a little. Moms with two toddlers can opt for double stroller. To increase the tenacity of exercise, why don’t start walking with the double stroller uphill? It will help in burning more calories, since the slopes will start putting more weight on the stroller. The walking session will become more intense. As a result, shedding those extra pounds will become faster. However, when walking uphill, reduce the time limit to avoid serious exhaustion. Time frame when walking uphill can be in between 30-45 minutes.


Trying out this exercise can be quite helpful in shedding the flab while reshaping the body. Being obese can be quite frustrating for a woman. So, take the initiative to be in proper shape. Through stroller walk-a-way exercise.

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  1. I tried to go on walks everyday after my daughter was born, hoping that would help me lose the weight. But I just find it incredibly boring (I know – I’m terrible!! Most people find it enjoyable, I know). I am going to try to start running.