Celebrity Mothers and Their Drastic Weight Loss

Halle Berry, age 42, gained approximately 35 pounds during her pregnancy with baby girl Nahla. Immediately afterwards, she shed the pounds like nothing happened, amazing! Jennifer Lopez, age 39, gained a whooping 50 pounds when she was pregnant with twins Emme and Max. Months later, she achieved her former sexy figure. Similar cases were found with Jessica Alba, Tori Spelling and Heidi Klum. So how do they do it? While you don’t really need to lose baby weight that fast like stars and celebs do due to the red carpet’s calling, why should you suffer the low self-esteem and depressing baby pounds you’ve gained?

So how do Hollywood moms get so thin so fast after undergoing pregnancy? With help from experts, you can easily lose your baby weight and get back to wearing that super short jeans or a bikini on the beach. Here are some ways you can lose weight fast and easy. These tips and tricks were all tested and proven by celeb moms themselves.


Breastfeeding and weight loss

Firstly, breastfeeding can really help to lose significant weight after pregnancy, so it is worth considering breastfeeding your infant for that and many other reasons. It not only benefits your weight-loss endeavors but will also provide nourishment for your baby. Through breastfeeding, the mother increases production of prolactin, which is a soothing hormone. At the same time, the mother also benefits from quicker shrinkage of the uterus that was extended from carrying the baby for around 9 months. Hundreds of calories are also shed from breastfeeding thus leading to faster weight loss. For the baby, breastfeeding provides natural nutrition that supports his/her healthy growth and development. Breastfeeding is also a great way for a mother and her newborn to bond as the baby develops a healthy sense of attachment.


Exercise helps

Physicians usually recommend a waiting period of six weeks prior to engaging in strenuous regular exercises. The reason behind this is to give the body enough time to heal and repair completely from birth. Once you resume activities of daily living and engage in exercise routines, make sure you take it slow and easy for the first few times to avoid wearing out quickly or injuring yourself from the activity. Go for walks with your baby in the pram perhaps in the park so that you can exercise, look after your baby and perhaps meet other new mothers. Swimming is another great way of exercising especially as the water cushions the body making injuries less likely. You can take your baby to the swimming pool and it can be a great bonding experience as well.


Lastly, diet. Most post-pregnant mothers tend to indulge themselves to food to cope with the pain and mixed feelings they are experiencing. As long as you eat healthily, you can indulge in food as much as you want. Your diet should include vegetables, fruits and whole grains. Fiber is especially vital since it helps you feel fuller faster. There are some relatively cheap deal plans out there such as diet chef which send your meals and snacks through the post making it easier to look after yourself without it taking up your time, which let’s face it, with a new born baby you don’t have much of. Many celebrities are rumored to have used such healthy food delivery meals so you are in good company.


Cosmetic surgery


Some celebrities perhaps get extra help by having cosmetic surgery procedures such as liposuction, laser liposuction to help them to very quickly bounce back to their former body type. Most of us normal mothers may take longer than your average celebrity to shed the pounds but it can be done naturally with commitment and dedication.

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