How to Safely Wear Baby Sling Carriers

Baby sling carriers are one of the best accessories to have when you have a new baby. Not only are they wonderful at allowing you to multitask without having to hold your sweet baby at all times, but it also enhances the bond between the baby and child by keeping him close to you. Also, if you are a breastfeeding mom, then you’ll love how discretely you will be able to feed her in the carrier sling. There are plenty of benefits to using carriers, but if it isn’t worn correctly, you could be putting your child in a dangerous situation. Here are several tips on how to wear baby wraps safely.

  • Consult Your Pediatrician

If your baby already has any sort of medical issues, such as a low birth weight or was born prematurely, check with a doctor before buying one of these products.

  • Make Sure You Can See Baby’s Face at All Times

Your little one’s face should not be covered or difficult for you to see at any time. The reason being that if his nose is pressed up against the baby sling, it could cause suffocation. To prevent this from happening, make sure he is positioned on his back and not on his side.

  • A Newborn’s Neck and Head Should be Straight

This rule applies to all babies, but is very important for newborns since their necks and heads are so delicate. You can test to make sure her head is placed correctly by putting two fingers vertically under the baby’s chin. If you are unable to fit two fingers under her chin, then the neck is curled and will need to be repositioned. If needed, you can place a small towel or receiving blanket under her neck to keep her head in the right position.

  • Keep One Hand on Baby

Although carriers allow you to keep your hands free, keep one arm around your baby while you are walking for extra safety.

  • Never Have Baby in The Sling While Cooking

It is never a good idea to have your little one in the sling while you are cooking on the stove or near other hot surfaces.

Baby slings can be one of the best accessories you have for your infant and most can even hold children in the early toddler years. As with any item you buy for babies, it is crucial to take the necessary safety procedures, and hopefully with these tips, you will be able to do just that! For more tips, feel free to contact Ever Sweet Baby Boutique.

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