How to Keep your Baby Safe Around Pools and Pets



The most important thing to any parent is keeping their child safe. This can prove to be a difficult task however. Even around the home, there can be any number of hazards which could prove dangerous to a small child. Familiar places and objects turn from commonplace occurrence, to a sudden harbinger of danger. This is especially prevalent for families with swimming pools. Of course, any number of products is available, from fences to special gates and locks to make sure your child can’t get near the pool and harm themselves.

But in the warm summer months, sometimes it becomes hard to resist the idea of a refreshing swim. And for families who either don’t have their own pool or just want to get away from the house, what can be done about places like public pools, or even the beach? At a certain age, parents don’t want to leave their child alone for one second. Some basic things you can do to keep your baby safe are to install a fence around your pool so no children can accidentally crawl in and buy a pool monitor for your baby to wear.  The monitor would activate if the baby gets too close to the pool and sounds loud enough to be hear inside a house.


If you have a family pet, it’s important that they are not only trained to stay away from small children in and around the pool, but that if necessary they are kept inside or outside of a pool area fence.  Pets can easily climb on top of small children swimming and accidentally push them under or scratch them so the utmost care is important.
Also using inflatable pool accessories and being in the pool with the baby can severely cut the risk of anything too major happening.  They now have some inflatables that are sized for infants, and actually designed as a way to have fun with your child in the pool. Not only that, but they can be found in all sorts of fanciful colors and shapes. Many accidents happen as a result of lack of supervision, but a properly supervised baby can easily and safely learn to love water.  When prepping for the pool or even just pool side, don’t forget special baby sunscreen that’s gentle but protects their soft skin to avoid burns.


In or out of the pool, avoid a diaper rash from wetness! Change a baby’s swimsuit quickly after they are finished swimming. They now have swim diapers which are designed to look and feel like a bathing suit but offer the protection babies need.

So this summer, you don’t need to worry about what you can do to keep your baby safe when you’re looking for a fun way to cool off. With the right pool accessories, it’s easy to not only be certain of your child’s safety, but also let them have a great time. A family event should be a family event, which means the whole family. So don’t let baby feel left out, and let them join in on the fun!


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