Android Apps That Make Parenting Easier

Managing a family is equivalent to handling a small business as you need to have family budgets, timelines, strategies, and so on. In order to cope up with so many responsibilities, you can utilize certain applications that have been specified below. As a parent, you need to control your child to ensure that your child is not indulged in wrong activities. Therefore, good parenting applications can be useful. The Android applications come handy and make parenting a lot easier.


Best Android Apps for Parenting

Children TV: If you want to monitor the activities of your children like what they do and watch on their phones, Children TV is the apt Android application designed especially for children. The application works in such a way that it filters all the unwanted video clips, and only allows your children to watch child friendly clips. Children TV application allows you to choose distinct animations, and also keeps your children far away from watching improper content.


Kids Place: A parenting application that transforms all Android devices into an environment that is suitable for children for playing. The application features child locking kits and related parental controls that safeguards all the sensitive content, and restricts children from watching adult applications, or content that is not appropriate for their age. Kids Place also prevents your kid from dialing phone numbers randomly, sending text messages, or performing other actions on the phone that may be chargeable.


Mobile Spy: Mobile monitoring applications largely help towards scrutinizing the activities performed by children through the smart phones. The Android application offers a full-fledged monitoring solution to parents in order to keep an eye on their children. Mobile spy is indeed one of the best as far as tracking details like text messages, call details, address book, email logs, photos and videos are concerned. With the help of this application, you can ensure the safety and well being of your child.


FBI Child ID: Every year, many children are either abducted or missing. Fortunately, the FBI has taken an initiative to help parents in order to get rid of problems related to kidnapping or missing cases. The application tracks the missing children by storing photos, and useful information related to your children. The vital information can be accessed easily on the phone during exigencies. The application includes guidelines on the things that need to be done, when your child is abducted or goes missing. Also, FBI Child application provides tips on ways to keep your child safe.



Parenting Quotes: This Android application consists of quotes on how to raise children. The application gives you an insight on your kids, and your connection towards them. Parenting is the hardest, and a rewarding task in the world. Therefore, the application covers all aspects related to parenting with a combination of quotes that range from serious to light hearted ones.

Thus, these are some of the best parenting applications that can be used on your Android phone. You can download the Android applications through the official website. Also, you can read through the reviews updated by users to opt for the application that suits your requirements to the fullest.
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