5 Fun, FREE Activities to Do With the Kids This Summer

While keeping your kids entertained probably tops the list of things you want to do this summer, spending a fortune probably does not. Carting the kids around to different activities can get expensive in a very short amount of time if you aren’t careful; however lucky for you there are plenty of free activities available for your kids to get involved in this summer, allowing you to save money while still keeping them busy.

1.  Check out the local library

Many local libraries have weekly book clubs, book readings, or reading challenges that go on throughout the summer. What better way to escape the hot summer afternoons and encourage kids to read then by going to the library each week? Plus your kids will have the opportunity to meet plenty of new friends when they attend the library’s weekly activities.

2.  Have a neighborhood talent show

Talk to other moms and dads in the neighborhood to find out whose kids are home every day and then set up a neighborhood talent show for all of the kids to put on. They’ll have a blast learning dance routines and perfecting short skits, and it’s a good chance for all the adults to get together for a little pot-luck dinner and evening of free entertainment as well.

3.  Bake and deliver baked goods to an orphanage

Focus on kids that are less fortunate than your own by spending an afternoon baking cookies and brownies with your children that can then be delivered to a local orphanage or shelter. This is a perfect opportunity to teach your kids the importance of giving back to the community.

4.  Visit the local fire department

What kid doesn’t love to see the fire trucks? Contact your local fire department and set up a time to take your kids by so they can climb on the truck and talk to the firefighters. Who knows, you may even have your own budding firefighter on your hands afterwards!

5.  Set up an at-home field day

Set up stations around the backyard that include fun games like hula hoops, jump ropes, bubble stations, and pogo sticks for your own at-home field day. The kids will love running to each station, playing for a certain amount of time, and then switching and running to the next. Bonus: they’ll probably be worn out and crash early that night.

Kids don’t care about how much money is spent on fun activities; they only care about having a good time and ending the day with a smile on their face. So instead of limiting the number of activities you do with the kids because of financial constraints, use these ways to keep them occupied for free.


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