Girl or Boy? How to Pick Baby Clothes to Suit Both

If you are waiting until the birth of your baby to find out the gender, you will be looking forward to learning whether it is a boy or a girl. But how can you prepare for the baby’s arrival in the meantime if you do not know which it is going to be? Choosing baby clothes that feature neutral colours and designs are a good way to outfit your nursery, without picking gender specific clothing you might have to return after the birth. The Vertbaudet children’s catalogue offers many styles of baby clothing that can be easily suited to both girls and boys.


Selecting gender-neutral colours

Many parents automatically think of blue for boys and pink for girls, but there are plenty of other colour schemes to select when you are trying to keep the layette gender neutral. Soft pastel colours, such as light yellow and sea green are traditional palettes for both baby boys and girls, but there are plenty of other modern colours to choose from as well. Neutral baby layette colours, such as white, beige, soft brown and grey have become more popular in recent times, as unisex clothing choices. Before you select one of these colours, though, pay attention to any design or pictures that are on the clothing. A grey bodysuit may look like a good unisex baby choice, but if it is decorated with small flowers you might not like it for a little boy.



Animal designs for unisex clothes

Baby clothing is often decorated with pictures of animals. However, when you are outfitting a gender neutral layette you will want to choose animal designs that are suitable for both boys and girls. Some typical clothing designs suitable for unisex baby clothes include teddy bears, small turtles, giraffes and little birds. All of these animals would look appropriate for either gender.



Gender-neutral styles of baby clothes

Another way to select baby clothes for both boys and girls is to choose a style that will be appropriate for either gender. In addition to the traditional gender styles, such as dresses for girls and cargo pants for boys, soon to be parents can browse other clothing styles. One-piece short rompers are a good choice for unisex baby clothing, since they can easily fit either a girl or a boy.


Another option is dark-coloured denim dungarees, which can be dressed up with tops for both boys and girls. Light-grey dungarees are also a good clothing choice for both genders. If you decide you want to add a gendered touch after the birth, you can pair them with a bright pink or purple top for a girl or a dark blue or green top for a boy. Baby sleepwear is also a gender-neutral field; it is possible to find long-sleeved wrap bodysuits that can work with both genders. Many baby sleep-suits are also designed to be worn by baby boys and baby girls.

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  1. Thanks for this article! :-) We have lots of parents coming into our baby boutique before they know the baby’s gender, but still wanting to get some clothing. It can be hard to find something that would work for either a boy or a girl, but you gave some good tips!