How to Fly With Your Baby or Toddler

Flying with a baby or toddler comes with some unique challenges. How do you keep your baby or toddler comfortable on the flight? What do you do if your baby needs to have his diaper changed? How much stuff should you take with you for the baby, and will taking a lot of stuff increase the overall price of your trip? These are all questions you might be asking if you’ve never flown with your baby or toddler before. Fortunately, we’re here to answer many of those questions and help you fly as comfortably with your little one as possible. Here are some tips to help you fly with your baby or toddler:


1. Book a flight in the morning – Fewer people fly in the morning, so the airport and planes will be less crowded then. Plus, babies are usually in better moods in the morning than in the evening, when they’re tired and fussy.


2. Print out your boarding passes at home – There is no need to put your baby or yourself through the misery of waiting in a long line at the airport to get your boarding passes. So, print them out at home.


3. Consider purchasing a seat for your child – Children 2 and under can usually fly for free on a plane if they sit on their mom or dad’s lap. However, you may want to spend some extra money to reserve a seat for your child. That way, you and your baby will feel less cramped on the plane. Most airlines will even let your baby have his or her own seat for half of the price of a regular plane ticket. Explore your options, and keep in mind that your baby will need to ride in a car seat, unless he or she is on your lap. Since your baby or toddler is probably used to riding in a car seat, he or she will most likely feel safer riding this way on the plane.


4.  Leave things like diapers and other baby supplies at home – Most airlines will charge you to take extra baggage, and hauling around a lot of stuff just isn’t as comfortable. Consider bringing enough diapers and wipes for the day of your flight and purchasing new diapers and wipes when you reach your destination.


5. Consider your alternatives to flying on a regular plane – Flying on a private jet charter, for instance, will be a lot more comfortable for you and your baby or toddler. You’ll be able to fly in a private atmosphere. So, if your baby starts to cry, you won’t have to worry about disturbing any other passengers. Plus, there will be a lot fewer sights and sounds on a jet charter to upset your baby.


Don’t skip your trip just because you’re apprehensive about flying with your baby or toddler. Try out some of the tips above, and enjoy your vacation with your baby in tow!


Author’s Bio: Logan is a guest blogger who writes about international travel, family travel, and when to consider flying on a private jet charter.

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  1. These hints and tips will come in very handy, I must say the next family holiday is filling me with dread to be honest. I will definitely be taking on board these handy tips and oh please God let the flight end without major incident.