Choosing Your Baby’s First Name is Choosing Their Destiny!


Your first name was chosen by your parents, perhaps during your mother’s pregnancy or maybe even before your conception. One thing is certain, this name has been yours since the day you born when it was immediately attached to your surname. This means that your name remains unchanged for the rest of your life – from the day you enter this world until the day you leave, like a label, sharing the brightest and darkest moments of your existence.
But this notorious first name is much more than that: it is an intricate part of you, and defines not only your personality but also your destiny.
That is why it is fundamental to know as much as possible about one’s first name, just as it is important to know oneself, and thereby become the master of your destiny and enjoy a life that is filled with success, fulfillment and as many happy moments as possible.
Well, that is the question; do you possess such knowledge about the origin and meaning of your name? For example, did you know that the first name DREW means « brave » and reveals somebody who as a child needs to be surrounded by others and feel secure, demanding plenty of attention and affection, and who in adulthood will appreciate the company of others; sociable and extroverted, this will be a sentimental soul, a romantic who dreams about meeting Prince Charming?
Now that you understand the importance of the first name in a person’s life, are you prepared to choose your future child’s first name at random?

Thanks to the web site, you can now browse an immense database of first names for free, from the most common to the most unusual, thereby accessing studies carried out by an expert in numerology.
It is the largest and most comprehensive online directory of first names in existence to date, which also offers services such as a study of compatibility between first names, a classification of first names in terms of preference with the opportunity for visitors to vote for their favorites and a free horoscope.
Without further ado, we invite you to come and quench your thirst for knowledge and get to know yourself, your friends, families and loved ones a little better or choose a name together for the baby whose arrival you are so eagerly awaiting.
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