How To Plan the Perfect Baby Shower Part II


Hosting The Baby Shower

So, where are we?Baby Shower Baseball Theme

You’ve worked out when to have the shower, who to invite, and whether or not you will use a gift registry.  So that’s all there is to it, right?


Actually, you’ve done quite a bit of work (applaud yourself!).  But there’s still more work to do.  Now you’re really into the zone, and it’s time to figure out what you’re going to do at the shower.

Now, this may seem like a strange section.  After all, people will show up at the shower, they’ll hug, smile, laugh, cry (joyfully, of course), and have a good time.  That part is taken care of.  Yet there’s more to it than this.

In addition to all that above, you are going to want to have things for your invitees to do, and for them to drink/eat.

Let’s look at each of these important aspects below.


What you can do: You could have a Theme

If you haven’t been to a baby shower or it’s been a while, here’s some useful information for you: themes are in!


This means that more and more people are having certain styles, or themes, of baby showers.  The sky really is the limit on what theme you could use. I mean anything that you can imagine, provided that it’s realistic and within your budget.

To create a theme, simply have the following items that reflect what you’ve chosen:


You could make/print the invitations around your chosen theme (e.g. Alice in Wonderland)

The place where you are holding the baby shower could be decorated with items reflecting the theme like posters and balloons.

The food (discussed further in this book) would be based around the theme.


Now, just in case you want to get your creative juices flowing, some suggested themes are provided to you below.


A Tea Party

Like the tea parties you played when you were a child?  You’d get together with your little friends, or your teddies, and together you sat down and enjoyed a pleasant and light-hearted chat over a cup of tea!


To enjoy this theme, simply re-create that vision of when you were young.  Invite all of your stuffed animals, and have them sit in chairs around the area where the baby shower is being held.

This theme is sure to bring back a lot of warm memories for all of your guests; because most of us did play at tea a few times. You could also ask each guest to bring a teddy!


Theme: Celebrity

How about dressing up and pretending to be a celebrity?

The celebrity here, I’m afraid, isn’t going to be you (sorry), or even the mother-to-be.  It’s going to be her baby!  You could even make a big “Hollywood “sign!

And the invitations, too, can be publicity releases instead of traditional invitations, announcing the coming out of Hollywood’s next rising star.

And the cake could be shaped like a star! All of these little elements will make the shower fun and give energy to the baby shower.



Theme: Literary Baby

How often we found ourselves curled up reading that very first book that made such a positive impression on our growing imaginations.

A literary theme baby shower calls for each guest to bring as well as their gift, a special book from their childhood; something that inspired them  after all of these years.

It’ll be a number of years before the baby learns to read any of the books, however they will serve as a library that the child can grow into, each book being chosen with such great care and affection.



 Let’s All Get Involved! Games

Baby showers are ideal places to play games.  They not only help break the ice and get people laughing, but baby showers are about having fun, better than working, right!

There are several games that you can play, like charades, or trivia games. How about going to your toy store for some ideas?



Game: The Winning Plate

This neat little game involves what most people love in life: food!  Simply put a picture of a baby beneath one of the plates that will be handed out to guests as they eat.   Don’t tell anyone that the picture is there; just let them eat.  When the eating part of the event is coming to a close, tell your guests to peek under their plate, and give the lucky guest who has the picture a prize!


Game: The Price is Right

People seem to love this game; because it’s based on what many feel is the best game show of all time: The Price is Right!

Simply buy some baby items, like nappies, baby food, a dummy, or anything that can be found in an ordinary shop. Then, have the guests place bets on how much they think everything cost.  Reward each winner with a prize, or points, and then total up the points at the end.  The winner of the overall game can then win a prize.


Game: That… Was ME?

This is fantastic!!

Invite each guest to bring a baby picture of them.  Collect the pictures, and put them on a giant board.  During the baby shower, allow guests to go up and have a look at the big board of pictures.

Give each guest a piece of paper and a pen, and have them write down the names of who they think each picture is (put a number beside each picture so that they can be referenced).

At the end of the game, reveal the answers and see who has the best eye!  This game is not only competitive, but can be very funny!!


Let’s Eat!!

The first thing to know is that a full course meal really isn’t typical for a baby shower. Instead, finger-foods, and munchies like crisps are more common.  A cake is also rather common, as are ice creams and. If you’re going to splurge on any of the items, then going a bit extra on the deserts is usually considered the more acceptable approach.  After all, who doesn’t love cake?

Also, the foods in the baby shower can tie into the theme.  If the theme is celebrity, for example, then the sandwiches can be in the shape of little stars.  The foods don’t have to reflect the theme; which means that you shouldn’t feel bad, if you can’t find a way to make little star-shaped sandwiches. However, if you can tie everything together, it will make your baby shower that much more memorable an event for the guests, and the parents-to-be.

Having a wide selection is also important; and we discuss this in some detail in the “Insider’s Tips” section of this book.  Suffice it to say, try and have enough variety to account for tastes and dietary preferences.  Nowadays, the wise approach is often to allow guests to do a little bit of preparing themselves.

The same goes for deserts.  While it’s wonderful to have rich cake and tasty pies available, it’s always nice to offer fruit as an alternative.  Some people may not want to (or may not be allowed to!) consume that many calories, or enjoy that much sugar.


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  1. The most enjoyable baby showers I’ve been (in my opinion) have placed less of an emphasis on games. My personal feeling is that games make people a little nervous. Instead of breaking the ice, I find that it makes people feel a little bit of dread. My favorite baby showers have been those that include both the mother and the father (and the guests are couples, as well.) One game I do like: have everyone bring a (fairly early/young) baby photo of themselves and everyone tries to figure out who is who.