Women Taking Control

Employment trends have shifted sharply over the past fifty years. Frustrating situations arise for women working in a male dominated environment. The following is a list of how some women have overcome barriers in order to achieve success in a male dominated environment.


  • Female Brain Drain.
    The idea that women opt out of the workforce to focus on children and family is a myth. In reality, the decline of women in the work force can be attributed to the overall difficulties currently facing the labor market.


  • Understanding Why Women Sell Themselves Short
    Professional women and entrepreneurs with control over the amount they may charge for their services tend to charge less than men. In the process, they are more likely to sell themselves short. While some attribute this to women selling themselves short, in reality, it is due to women being more reluctant sacrifices. This can include failing to adjust prices for goods and services to match market trends in fear of sacrificing clients.


  • Educational Opportunities: More Readily Available and Geared Toward Parents
    Education grants are widely available for single mothers at various post-secondary institutions. Single mothers are make up a unique category of students who are eligible for financial assistance from both the government and private corporations.


Maintaining Financial Freedom for New Parents

For many women, motherhood is full of joy and rewards; however, parenting can become very stressful and expensive, especially during the child’s early years. Frequently, single mothers are expected to support themselves and their child. Single parents experience some of the most challenging hardships in life, with a majority of them resulting from financial woes. Financial problems are impossible to ignore, especially if the mother does not receive support from the child’s father. Let’s face it, it is harder to balance life and work being a single mom. The degree of financial assistance available to single mothers, may depend on the cleanliness of their credit score.  Fortunately, there is assistance available designed specifically with single mothers in mind.

Financial Readiness and Insurance
Financial security is a constant source of worry for many parents, with single mothers in particular. Below are some tips designed to assist single mothers, and can help a parent decide on which measures need to be taken to help her to seize control of her financial future.


  • Medical Health Insurance The cost of prenatal and post pregnancy costs are the cause of constant stress for many parents. If possible, select an insurance provider who can provide prenatal care, testing and newborn needs. It is difficult to obtain affordable health insurance plans while pregnant; however, cheap insurance quotes are available for children which will offset the costs of newborn care. Local child health insurance programs are available as a low cost alternative which are designed to provide mothers and newborns with low fee coverage throughout the duration and after the pregnancy.


  • Reduced Income and Maternity Leave
    It is federal law to be allotted a certain amount of time for maternity leave; however, whether a woman chooses to take maternity leave is solely her choice. For women who do decide to take maternity leave, they should be aware of the resulting loss of income associated with taking time off work.


  • Life and disability insurance. It is strongly recommended that new parents consider investing in long-term disability and life insurance for their child. This will ensure that the child’s future is secured in case the worst should happen. Cheap medical insurance are available for both parents and children. The most affordable form of life insurance is term life insurance, which guarantees the receiver a certain premium. Certain employers and larger companies will typically offer long-term disability insurance. Contact a financial adviser for assistance in making the most appropriate financial investments.
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