Family Holidays That Don’t Cost the Earth

Taking a family holiday is a fun way to grow closer as a family and to create memories that will last for years. Unfortunately, many popular holiday locations and activities utilize a great deal of resources that wear on the environment. Families who are conscious about being responsible with their use of the earth may want to choose alternate holidays that are eco-friendly. Here are some ideas for unforgettable holidays that the whole family will love.


Bicycle Tours

When it comes to pollution, one of the biggest culprits is transportation. With many vehicles leaking harmful exhaust fumes into the atmosphere, it does not seem responsible to cause more of these emissions during a holiday. Touring a location by bicycle is a healthy alternative to using a motor vehicle. Many touring agencies offer guided tours. Families can try one of these or rent bicycles and explore the area alone. Either way, traveling by bicycle offers a fresh perspective on a location that other visitors may not have. Travelers should do research to find which accommodations within your holiday site are the most environmentally responsible.


Holiday Parks

Families looking for low-cost and eco-friendly accommodations should stay at a holiday park. With numerous sites and types of lodging, holiday parks are a great way to enjoy nature, local sites and the company of family while still being mindful of the earth. Many family holiday parks offer simple yet comfortable accommodations with access to utilities including water for showering or washing clothes. Many holiday parks have entertainment blocks that include theaters, shopping centers and restaurants. Camping sites are also available at most parks. Families who have the opportunity for long or frequent holidays could consider leasing a permanent site at a holiday park.


Holiday from Home

If they are on a tight budget, families can create an environmentally sound and surprisingly fun holiday right from home. During the holiday, family members can inform friends that they will not be accepting calls or visitors in order to set apart that time specifically for their family. Most people have not actually experienced everything that their own location has to offer. A little research will uncover museums, restaurants or other establishments that will reveal a different side of home. Families who walk or take public transportation can eliminate extra fuel emissions that result from traveling in a motor vehicle.

Ultimately, it is not necessary for families to utilize a great deal of money or resources to experience a memorable holiday. Try one of these ideas or brainstorm with your family to come up with your perfect eco-friendly getaway.


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  1. Great Post! I agree with you and I always go for picnics with my family on the sea side and my kids love it. They always have a handful of sea shells and lots of memories and experiences to take home with them each time.