How to Start Your Baby Blog

Starting a blog is a very exciting venture but knowing where to start is extremely difficult. Who am I suppose to believe on the web? Everyone is trying to get my money one way or another. I wanted to post an in depth description on where to start…

Before I go any further I do want to let you know we are affiliates for both companies I talk about below. That being said I 100% believe in both and would not recommend a company I did not believe in!


Keyword Research

So you have an idea on what to blog about. The next thing is to know if people are searching for that, is there a niche for me? There are many keyword research programs out there today. For example Market Samurai is a great piece of software you can purchase that will give you detailed reports on what people are searching for, how competitive it is etc. If you do not want to pay for that you can use the google keyword research tool. Just google it and you can start playing around with it. It is not as detailed as Market Samurai but you can at least get a sense of what people are searching for and how competitive it is.



You got your idea on what you want to blog for, now it is time to setup your domain. You want the main words in the domain. For example, we have “babyblog” in the domain and it has helped our rankings (mostly because when people link to us, our link has babyblog in the domain name). You can use Bluehost, which you can find your domain for a very low price and which leads me into the next step…



Your domain has been bought now you need to host it as well and Bluehost will do that for you. More and more bloggers I see are using Bluehost, that must be a good sign! If you don’t know what hosting means, it is basically where all your information is being stored.



What CMS (content managing software) do I want to use. I have used Joomla and I will never and I mean never go back! I am totally in love with WordPress! Use it! You will be thanking me. Now for the more complex parts… Installing WordPress to your domain can be a little frustrating but Bluehost has GREAT directions on what todo with installing WordPress. Follow their directions to the ‘T’! This is what Bluehost says on their website

WordPress Hosting BlueHost has been a recommended hosting provider on since 2005! WordPress is invaluable web software (CMS) that allows you to create either a website or a blog (or both) in very little time. Install WordPress with a click of a button at Bluehost! WordPress is so accepted on the Web that search engines have special algorithms to catalog WordPress sites.




 Theme and Framework

You now have your blog looking site up on your domain, congrats!!! Now it is time to start making your site amazing looking and that starts with StudioPress (thBlissful Theme - Wedding Theme for WordPressis link is for the pro package but go to themes to see the individual ones). They have many different themes (templates) for your website. If you want something more blog looking, they have that. If you want a website looking like a business, they have that as well! What many people don’t really think about is the Framework of the website and StudioPress has an absolutely amazing piece of software called Genesis. This will help you get ranked well in google with basically not doing much along with having a clean code and clean website!


This can be a little complicated when going to their site. They have multiple Themes, but you have to buy the Genesis Framework to make any of the Themes work. Now most themes come with Genesis. You can also get the Pro Package which includes ALL the themes, lifetime support and lifetime updates!


So there you have it! You have your domain, hosting, CMS, theme and framework all set up! Congrats! Now is the hard part, GETTING VISITORS TO YOUR SITE!


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