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It can be very expensive to build an entire wardrobe for a new baby without careful planning ahead of time. Another major challenge associated with baby clothing is the speed at which the baby will grow. Fortunately there is a simple solution for both of these dilemmas. Do a little bit of shopping around for favorite styles, and then purchase multiples in different colors of all larger sizes. The baby will grow into and out of each of them before you know it! Planning ahead and having wardrobe basics ready for the next two years will ease a lot of stress along the way as the baby grows.


Some of the best brands for quality and inexpensive infant apparel are Rabbit Skins, Bella, and Apples & Oranges. A lot of the products of these three brands are soft and breathable 100% cotton so the baby is comfortable. Most styles are available in standard sizes such as 3-6 months, 6 months, 12 months, 18 months, and 24 months, to cover the first two years. Certain styles are available in wide varieties of colors. The Rabbit Skins 3401 short sleeve t-shirt comes in twenty-five colors, so it is perfect to stock up with multiples.


Two more important basics for a baby’s wardrobe are the creeper and the romper. A creeper is also commonly called a onesie.  The shirt essentially extends past the diaper and it closes with snaps or buttons between the legs. Creepers are very useful because they can be worn as an entire outfit, or worn with pants, shorts, or a skirt for a more complete look. Creepers can be found as basic short sleeve tops, or as other varieties like the Bella 103, a long sleeve thermal creeper. Rompers on the other hand have pant legs attached. The fabric is longer and has more buttons or snaps to attach the front and back. All rompers, like the Apples & Oranges KA120, are perfect for wear either around the house or outside the home.


Another way to expand your baby’s wardrobe is by adding embellishment to some of the shirts and onesies. Embroidery, iron-ons, and special fabric paints are all perfect ways to dress up some of these closet staples for even more variety.


So leave the bulk of the fancy outfit buying to excited relatives and friends, and plan ahead by stocking up on the basics in various styles and colors. This is a guaranteed way to de-stress about building any baby’s wardrobe!


This guest post is written by Patricia Rafferty from

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  1. These are really helpful tips. My little one is growing out of his clothes constantly. Or the other possibility is that I am horrible at doing the laundry. The combination of his growth and my less than perfect housekeeping skills spells disaster!

  2. benita wheeler says:

    i spent too much money on little bundle of joy. i would have gone to thirft more.