Valentine’s Day Party Ideas for Children

Kids love Valentine’s Day. It’s an opportunity for them to eat sweets and give their friends Valentine’s Day cards. If your son or daughter has been extra well behaved recently, you might want to throw him or her a party for Valentine’s Day. Throwing a Valentine’s Day party at your house can be a great opportunity for your child to relax and have fun with friends. Things tend to pick up during the second half of the school year for kids. That’s usually when their teachers start giving them more homework and tests to help prepare them for standardized tests in the spring. So, why not reward your child for working so hard? Here are a few ideas to help you plan the perfect Valentine’s Day party:


1. Make sure you let everyone know about the party at least a week in advance. February is a short month and it’s easy for parents and kids to fill up their schedules, leaving little time for recreation. Giving your prospective party guests a heads up will help you ensure that enough people come to the shindig.


2. Plan out some activities for the party. Kids generally have more fun and get in less trouble if everything’s planned out. You might want to have strawberry ice cream with toppings for them to choose from.  Or you might want to have the kids make their own Valentine’s Day cards. Just pick activities you know the kids will like that are related to Valentine’s Day.


3. Prepare for broken hearts. Kids of all ages have crushes. You might have a kid or two at the party that has a crush on another child at the party. If they feel as though their feelings aren’t reciprocated, they may pout or even cry. It’s best to mentally prepare yourself for having to redirect them, so the energy of the whole group doesn’t take a turn for the worst.


4. As with any party for children, you should make sure you have the contact information of all of the party guests’ parents. One of the children may eat too much chocolate, start to feel sick, and need to go home early. Or one of the kids may trip and fall or get some kind of mysterious rash. It may be a hassle to get the contact information of all the parents, especially if you don’t know all of them well. However, it’s always better to be safe rather than sorry.


So, make your child feel special this Valentine’s Day, and throw him/her a party. Prepare and plan accordingly, and the party will be a hit!


Author’s Bio: Lisa is a mom, writer, and party planner. Right now, she’s interested in the latest children’s party trends, such as Super Mario Bros party supplies.


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  1. Great advice! I hadn’t even considered broken hearts :( I’ll be well prepared for next year!

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