Baby Deals: Where To Find The Best

For expecting and first-time parents, preparing for the birth of the new arrival can be overwhelming. Just one visit to the nearest baby superstore can be a stressful experience for many new parents. Walking down row after row of cribs, high chairs, baby clothes, diapers, bottles, and strollers prompt many to think, ‘Wow! How can a baby so little need so much stuff?’ to be followed by, ‘How are we going to be able to afford all this?’ Fortunately, parents-to-be can find affordable baby gear and clothing and outfit their baby in style if they are willing to do a little deal searching and learn some bargain hunting tricks.


Clearance Sales

The first trick to find almost any type of baby gear on a budget is by taking advantage of clearance sales. Most large retailers have clearance sales at least twice a year, typically at the beginning of the year, (when stores mark down leftover holiday stock) and late summer (to make space for fall and winter inventory). Clearance sales are a wonderful way for expectant parents to buy affordable clothing at a significant savings, putting it away for the next season. Large baby gear, such as strollers, high chairs, and play yards can also be found on clearance when next year’s models arrive in the stores. Even online retailers participate in end of season clearance sales, so if you live in a more remote area you can still take advantage of clearance deals!



Another fabulous way to save money on baby items is by using coupons, which can be found in the local Sunday newspaper as well as online. Common coupons for baby items include diapers, wipes, baby food and formula. Large baby retailers also mail out store coupons occasionally for baby furniture, gear, and clothing. By using the coupons to purchase the item when it is on sale, shoppers can maximize their savings.



Websites that help new parents find freebies and very cheap baby items can be very helpful in finding deals on things that babies need. These websites often list all the manufacturers that send free samples, coupons and other gifts to parents who sign up for their mailing lists. Obstetricians also give out gifts such as diaper bags and free formula from formula companies. Free samples of diapers, wipes, and cleansers are very convenient to have on hand, and are often just the perfect size to stash in a diaper bag.

By following these few simple shopping tricks, new parents will be on their way to finding all the baby gear their newborn needs, without breaking their budget.


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