The Play by Play Of My Date

** The Pursuit of Love Series**

Exactly 90 Miles Round Trip …


A Missed Softball Game…


All this for a first date with a girl?! If anyone knows me I usually put myself first in a lot of situations but I have come to change (at least on a first date, small steps)!  I have got to be less selfish. My round trip mileage was 90 miles and yes I probably won’t do that again but I did it.


How We Met

I met this girl on the eve of Christmas Eve at a bar. Now I met her dancing, and if she could stand my dance moves, she must have some type of interest in me. Later in the night I got her number and we finally scheduled something for this week.


Quick tangent, I believe in two moves on a first date. One of them being if you can get the girl to drive to your place but then you drive them to the restaurant you will then have a 90% chance on at least getting them inside your place for a drink or a movie, to basically extend the date. The other is picking the restaurant, I believe this is key to setting up the vibe of the entire night. Two underrated moves for sure.


The Date

For some reason I was pretty excited for this date. It could be the fact that I haven’t been on a real date in a little while now, or a date with a girl that was around my age range.

I went to pick her up in BFE and to be honest I didn’t know exactly what I was in for because I didn’t get a real good look of her in the bar when we met. Well I was pleasantly surprised because she was pretty good looking. Now you might be thinking well that is what Facebook is for. You better believe I tried that. Her profile is quite limited and didn’t see much. I friend requested her and…. She hasn’t accepted my friend request, is that weird?! Anyways we went to one of the restaurants that my friends and I usually take dates to (we have a nickname for these select few restaurants where we take dates but isn’t appropriate to say on here). For some reason I was pretty nervous on this date and everything I told myself not to say during it I said…

1. My Ex: Now in my defense the only reason she was brought up was because I was explaining to her on how I knew someone. I didn’t say anything about her or anything like that. I quickly realized I had to get off this subject now!

2. Fantasy Football: I have no idea why I brought this up! It was stupid and all I could think about was this chart! I quickly switched to family and how much I love them(take a look at the chart to understand it)! I honestly could not believe I was talking about my fantasy football team and slowly realized “what the hell am I doing?!”.

3. The Bachelor: I have a secret obsession with watching the Bachelor, Bachelorette and Bachelor Pad. The next thing I know, we have been talking about it for 10 minutes and I start feeling like we are friends! Now I am really trying to figure out what the hell I’m doing on this date! Get out of friends mode NOW! “Did I tell you I love guns, MMA, sports, and steaks”, no I didn’t really say that but I was thinking about it.


Now that I am ‘friends’ with her, she gets cold eating her Gelato and asks to eat it in the car. Now in my mind I think shoot, does that mean take me home right now, or was she really cold? I was completely confused, so once we got in the car I had no idea what to do. After 5 minutes of talking I just turned the car on and drove back to her house.


The Awkward Goodbye

This right here is why I like getting them to my place, its not like I can invite myself into her place. We pull up to her house and you could just tell no one really knew what to do. She gets out of the car and then I get out to at least give her a hug goodbye. We hug and I look to see if there is going to be that ‘kiss’ and……….nothing! When she is walking away she says “we better do this again soon”… Umm what does that even mean?!


For all the wrong things I said and the awkward goodbye, we might be going out this weekend! The next date will definitely tell a lot about where this is going.

Until next time!

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