Best Personal Gifts for Baby’s 1st Birthday

If you know a child that is about to turn 1, you will likely be looking for gifts for baby’s 1st birthday. It is often easy to buy gifts for a child, but when it comes to gifts for baby’s 1st birthday, the task becomes a little harder. You will likely want to buy a gift that the child will always remember. Or, at least something the parents will remember so they can later tell the child who bought them that gift.


Keep in mind that, though toys and clothes make wonderful gifts, personal gifts are the things that the parents, and therefore the children will remember as the best gifts for baby’s 1st birthday. Here are some of the best personal gifts for baby’s 1st birthday.


Charm Bracelets

If the baby is a girl, a Disney princess charm bracelet is the perfect gift. The one year old girl may not care that much about the bracelet. In fact, she may play with the box and wrapping more than the actual bracelet. But as she grows, the item will grow on her. She will come to love jewelry and, most likely, anything and everything to do with Disney princesses. The best part about giving a little girl a charm bracelet is that you will always have a gift to give her in future years. You can make it a tradition to add a charm to her bracelet every year for her birthday. As she grows to enjoy the bracelet, she will look forward to those annual gifts.


Baby Organic Bedding

There is nothing more personal than bedding and if you choose organic bedding for the baby, you will be telling the parents how much you care about the child. Organic is soft, warm, and comfortable. It comes in many different styles, colors, and patterns. If you are able to choose the right style, you will likely choose the new favorite bedding item. Even if you pick something that is not quite right in the room, the parents will probably be grateful to have a spare pair of sheets and blankets for when they need it in the middle of the night.


Anything With Their Name On It

You can personalize almost any gift these days by simply embroidering the child’s name on it. The best gifts for baby’s 1st birthday are gifts that include the child’s name. My daughter has a small blue bag with her name on it and we use it to carry her food, books, toys, and other items all over the city. Items with a child’s name on it quickly become special to the parents, and the child will later love them as well. One of the best personalized items for a child this size is a soft chair with the child’s name embroidered onto the back. Children simply love things that are their size and a chair with his or her name on it is even better.


Whenever you are looking for a gift for an occasion as special as a first birthday, keep in mind that you do not have to buy anything big or expensive for the item to be very special to the family. Gifts for baby’s 1st birthday are the most memorable when they are well thought out and personal. Think about the personality of the child and the parents and go through the above list of suggestions. You can always make the baby something of your own, but the above store bought items are very special as well.


Martha Marks is a busy wife and mom of two who loves to provide internet shopping tips to other busy parents.


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