Is Being Single During The Holidays That Bad?

**Pursuit Of Love Series**

When I first think about this, of course it is a little depressing to think that I don’t have that significant other to be around during the holidays. It is obviously a little lonely but is it really that bad?? In the past 10 years I probably have been single 3 or 4 times during the holidays, not many. So I have to gotten to think about why it really isn’t that bad to be single right now. Here is my list…


The Circuit

This was the one thing I could not stand the most about being with someone during the holidays, going to 8 different places in one day. Individually you probably have a couple places to go on Christmas, well just times that by 2. If your parents are divorced? What if her parents are divorced? By 9 o clock at night you have no idea what happened and where the day went.  I usually don’t really mind going to all those different houses, seeing family and spending time with her family but it is the scheduling that has causes a lot of the fights. Who’s house are we going to 1st? What time are they serving lunch at? Will we be hungry for dinner? If we leave X’s house will be at Y’s house in time? I am getting stressed just thinking about all this. By the end of trying to schedule everything, it comes down to just giving in and letting the woman schedule everything. Now I don’t even have a girlfriend right now and I STILL did the CIRCUIT this year. I got up at 7:30, raced to my sisters, opened presents with them. Went straight to my dads for lunch and to open presents with them. From there went back to my sisters. I could not imagine if I did have a girlfriend!


The In-Laws or Future In-Laws

This coincides with The Circuit but should definitely be addressed in its own paragraph! Now let me make one thing very clear here, for the most part I have been pretty lucky with all my ex girlfriends parents and family. I really haven’t had a problem with any of them. That is kind of the whole point though, I am not jumping for joy to go to someone else’s family holiday events and be ‘on’ the entire time. And you know what I mean by ‘on’, ie. smiling, acting like I care, asking questions, telling stories, being engaged in conversations etc. Is it the worst thing in the world, no, it really isn’t bad at all but a week straight of this I cannot handle, unless there is alcohol involved! One of my friends was at his girlfriends house on Christmas Eve and Christmas for a combined 10 hours, God Bless his heart! I COULD NOT DO THAT!


The Cost

Not to sound cheap, even though I am kind of cheap, (reading the Millionaire Next Door right now, the one thing that almost ALL millionaires are is FRUGAL. Now I don’t feel so bad) the holidays can really put a damper on your wallet especially with a significant other. One of my friends girlfriends spent a ton of money on her boyfriend, it being relative to what she makes. It was just crazy the money she spent. I could not imagine what she dropped for the entire Christmas with all her family. The worst is when you are opening all these gifts from the significant other and mentally adding what she spent on me and she just entirely blew my budget for her out of the water!

Uhh here is your one box, it’s a gift card to your favorite place! :)  Do you like it?!

Quick side story, over the years I have learned two things to NOT buy woman on Christmas or their Birthday…

1. Lingerie: I got a serious talk with buying this because first off it was the wrong size, and realizing it later lingerie is really for the guy not the girl. oops. Learned the hard way…

2. Gift Cards: I personally love gift cards so when I first bought these I thought there was no problem with it. Over the years it has become very clear that woman do NOT like these. Maybe you can get away with it if it is not their major gift. Maybe someone can comment on this but why do gift cards not make sense? Woman love shopping, well a gift card achieves that! Woman are VERY peculiar with the type of things they like, well a gift card solves that problem! Wow this almost makes too much sense!


Now that I sound like the Grinch of the Holidays, maybe next year I will have a girlfriend and I will talk about all the great things that come with having a significant other during the Holiday season, maybe I will even have a wife?!?!


What are your pet peeves of the Holidays?!


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