The Most Confusing Text Message I Have Ever Gotten

**Pursuit Of Love Series**

I ran into a girl a few weeks ago that I have known for about 3 years. I rarely see her, maybe once or twice a year. I saw her first and went up to her and we said hi, not even a minute in the conversation she asks me do you have a girlfriend. I was a little surprised she asked especially so soon into the conversation, at first I thought there was a girl behind me and that it maybe looked like we were together. That wasn’t the case because I even turned around to make sure. The next day we texted a few times back and forth nothing too flirty though. Well a few days later I was out with some friends of mine that were girls and told them the situation and if I should ask her out to dinner. They told me that I for sure should and that her asking if I had a girlfriend was a huge indicator that she has some interest.


The next day I texted her and asked her to dinner and drinks and her response was…


“Dinner would be fun! I have family in town and will be traveling for work but you should come out for my bday this weekend. I will also be in San Francisco the following weekend too.”


What in the world does that really mean?!!? Talk about trying to decipher a text. I would have rather just gotten a text from her saying I don’t want to. Instead she sends a message trying to be nice “Dinner would be fun” then making excuses of why she can’t (which all were probably true) and then inviting me to her bday party, which I ended up not going. I mean if she was truly interested she would find time, right?


Why do girls do this? This drives me crazy, wouldn’t the truth just be easier to do. Instead of the guy keep texting you to try and set something up, isn’t that more annoying than anything?? Her inviting me to her birthday was pretty funny as well. I mean did she really want me to go? Was she just trying to be nice? I have no idea and I probably will never know. Woman are sooooo damn confusing! I am going to take this one as a loss. On to the next one!


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